Is My Ex Boyfriend Stalking Me On A Dating Website?

Is My Ex Boyfriend Stalking Me On A Dating Website?

Your ex boyfriend may not be over the relationship that he had with you.

If you have noticed that he is continually viewing your dating profile on a daily basis, there is a good chance that he is stalking you on a dating website.

He may keep doing this because he is not happy about the fact that you are on a dating website.

He may be worried that you have already moved on from him emotionally and you are dating other guys.

If your ex boyfriend hasn’t gotten over you, he would not want you to move on from him.

He wouldn’t want to feel like he is the only one having such a hard time with the breakup.

Hence, by constantly viewing your dating profile, he is hoping that he is able to affect you emotionally and make you start thinking about him.

He is hoping that he starts becoming more and more a part of your thoughts.

If you start thinking about him more, you will not be as focused as you should be on talking to other guys on the dating website.

Your ex boyfriend may know that what he is doing amounts to stalking on a dating website.

However, he may be so emotionally unhappy that he has noticed you on a dating website, that he is willing to overlook that.

To some extent, your ex boyfriend may feel that he has nothing to lose.

After all, he is no longer in a relationship with you.

Hence, he doesn’t have to worry about being broken up with.

He just knows that he is feeling emotionally unhappy about the possibility that you have gotten over the breakup and you have moved on.

Being that he has most likely not gotten over the breakup, he is trying to disrupt your online dating experience.

By constantly viewing your dating profile, he just wants to keep himself in your thoughts.

He may be so set on having this effect on you that he is willing to risk stalking you.

Perhaps there is a part of him that hopes that you will think back to how good of a boyfriend he was to you.

He may want to trigger your memory and get you to remember how great he was for you.

He may hope that in triggering your memory, you will begin to miss him.

He is at a point where he is desperate.

Even if he has a strong feeling that you have moved on and that you wouldn’t want him back, he would still feel the need to interrupt your online dating experience.

This way, he is able to get back on your radar and let you know that you missed out on a good boyfriend.

This may be somewhat of a consolation prize for him if he believes that the chances of getting you back as a girlfriend are very slim.

Your ex boyfriend is stalking you on a dating website when you notice that he tends to be live and active on the dating website when you are.

You may log into your online dating account and constantly notice that your ex boyfriend tends to log into his online dating account soon after.

He may have been watching your behavior for some time on the dating website.

He may have learned how often you log into the dating website and around what time.

He may now be logging into the dating website soon after you do because he wants you to notice him.

He wants you to notice that he is also live on the dating website at the same time that you are.

In doing this, he is hoping that you take that opportunity to send him a message live.

This may be how he hopes to reconnect with you.