Online Dating Vs. Through Friends?

Online Dating Vs. Through Friends?

Online dating tends to have a lot more advantages than if you chose to meet a romantic partner through friends.

For one, online dating provides a lot more dating options than your friends would be able to.

The problem with relying on your friends for dates is that if you were to go on one of these dates, it may not work out at all.

Now, you are literally left with no dating prospects until your friends can find someone new for you to meet.

With online dating, you never have to worry about this lack of dates or having big lulls between dates.

Online dating sites have a lot of dating prospects to choose from.

This way, if you happen to go out with one person and it doesn’t work out, you will already have a lot more dating options to turn to.

Hence, you won’t have to wait indefinitely for the next person that you can meet through friends.

With online dating, you can meet someone new to date every week if you chose.

Online dating is better than going through friends because it also gives you a chance to really get to know someone first before choosing to meet that person on a date.

Oftentimes, if you meet someone through friends, it may be through a blind date.

The only information you have about this person that you are about to meet would have come through your friends.

Since your friends really want you to like this person, they are going to talk this person up.

They will most likely tell you all sorts of nice things about this person in order to get you excited.

However, you could totally meet this guy and realize that the both of you really don’t have much in common or you just don’t connect on a lot of issues.

Your friends are always going to want the best for you and thereby they typically have the right intentions.

However, this doesn’t mean that they are always going to get it right when it comes to referring you to a new person to date.

If you were to solely rely on finding dates through friends, you may constantly find yourself going on blind dates that are fruitless.

You may even go on some blind dates where you find the person completely unattractive to you.

Again, your friends may think that they know what you tend to like in terms of physical appearance in a potential romantic match, but that doesn’t mean that they always get it right.

On online dating sites, you are able to spend the time to get to know the person online thanks to the person’s online dating profile and also through communicating with the person through the dating site.

This gives you the opportunity to get a really good sense for whether you have any chemistry with this person.

Hence, with online dating, you have some major advantages when it comes to the person that you want to meet.

On online dating sites, you also have the advantage of knowing what a person looks like based on the photos on the person’s online dating profile.

Truly knowing what a person looks like helps you avoid wasting precious energy in the hopes that the person that you are about to meet is attractive to you.

This is the kind of energy you would be wasting when you meet people through your friends and you don’t really know what that person looks like.

Although an advantage about meeting someone through friends is that your friends can vouch for that person’s character, that doesn’t automatically mean that the person is going to be the best match for you.

Online dating can offset that advantage by giving you the opportunity to get to know that person online over an extended period of time. This means that you are soon able to learn more personal information about this person as the both of you interact.

You could then easily seek out information about this person online if you so choose in order to ascertain this person’s character and background.