Online Dating: When To Ask For Their Number?

Online Dating: When To Ask For Their Number?

Ask for their number when you have spent a good amount of time getting to know them on the online dating site.

Sometimes, people who are online dating rush too quickly to ask for the other person’s number based on their first handful of interactions with that person.

You should never be this rushed to ask for a person’s number online.

You should always give it more than the first few conversations that you have with someone on an online dating site.

You will not really know whether this is a potential romantic match for you until you have learned more about them.

The first few conversations that you have with this person on the online dating site may be really enjoyable and fun.

However, this doesn’t mean that this person is the right match for you.

Oftentimes, people tend to behave at their best upon first interacting with someone else that they are interested in.

In other words, people tend to be at their best behavior when they first meet someone on an online dating site.

They will often say stuff that puts them in a good light because they are trying to leave a good first impression.

This is why you should never get carried away by the impression that you have gotten from someone that you met on an online dating site based on the first few conversations that you have had with this person.

It often takes time for a person to start truly revealing who they are as a person.

It is very difficult to keep up with a portrayal that really isn’t you over a sustained period of time.

Most people aren’t able to keep up with all of the details and subterfuge.

They will often eventually start regressing to who they truly are.

This often takes some time to ascertain as you have more and more conversations with this person on the online dating site.

This is the stage that you should really be focused on getting to before asking for their number.

You need to be able to get a good sense of who this person truly is before you can really understand whether this is a person that you would like to talk further with over the phone.

Over time, you may notice some new facets to this person’s true personality that you don’t like or that you do like.

By giving yourself the amount of time required to break through to the stage where this person is no longer trying to be at their best behavior and is comfortable enough to show you their true self, you will know whether it is time to ask for their number.

Another good way to know whether to ask for their number is when you have taken the time to determine whether this is a person that is looking for the same end result that you are.

In other words, when you have established that this person joined the online dating site in pursuit of the same type of relationship that you are looking for, you would be in the best position to ask for their number.

At this stage, you will be taking a good chance in asking for their number because you have a much better idea of what they ultimately want out of online dating.

People often make the mistake of asking for a person’s number without solidly establishing why that person is online dating in the first place.

They often ask for that person’s number and discover down the line that the person didn’t have the same goals as they did for joining an online dating site.

This ends up being a waste of their time and emotions.

To avoid finding yourself in this position, you should first clearly establish what this person wants from online dating.

This is often determined not just by what the person tells you but also by how they behave.

Are they asking you substantial questions about yourself?

Are they remembering the details of what you tell them from past conversations and bringing those details up with the intent of gaining further elaboration in future conversations?

Are they open with you as far as what they have been through in past relationships and what they have learned from those experiences?

If you are seeking a serious relationship online, these are all cues that you may be dealing with someone who has the same intentions as you do.

Hence, this would be a good candidate to ask for their number when the time is right.