When Profiles On A Dating Site Appear To Be Mostly Inactive?

When Profiles On A Dating Site Appear To Be Mostly Inactive?

The reason why you have discovered a good number of seemingly inactive profiles on the dating site may be due to the hours in which you log into your account.

There are certain times of the day that a dating site is most active and other times that it is least active.

Most dating sites and dating apps are most active in the evening between 6 and 10pm.

These are often the times that people who are members on the site are not only online but they are also actively using the dating site.

In other words, they are actively engaging in conversations with romantic prospects and reading their messages.

Mornings tend to be the least active time on a dating site.

Hence, if you have been in the habit of logging into the dating site in the mornings, you will have a much more difficult time finding active users at that time.

Perhaps you log into the dating site at different points during the course of your afternoon.

You may log in during your breaks or during your lunch.

People may log into their dating accounts at different points in time during the course of the day but it may be hard for you to catch them.

They merely log in for a brief period because they are still busy with whatever they are doing during their day whether it be at work or somewhere else.

Hence, the few people that do log into their accounts during the day won’t be on the dating site for long due to other responsibilities.

Thereby, if you keep logging into your account during the day, you are most likely going to miss these people.

Dating sites are nowhere near as active during the course of a day than they are in the evenings.

Thereby, it would work in your favor to try logging into your account in the evenings between the hours of 6 and 10pm.

Again, these are typically peak hours on a dating site where the most people are logged into their accounts and are active.

Now, if you have logged into your dating account at these peak hours and still consistently noticed that most profiles that you come across appear to be inactive, it could be because your search parameters are too narrow.

If you have very distinct criteria in terms of the kind of person that you are looking for, this increases the chances that you will not receive as many profile results.

It also increases the chances that the profiles that you do find in your search will be inactive.

These are people who probably were just as restrictive in their search parameters as you have been.

They discovered that there weren’t all that many results to their search parameters and the profiles that they did find were mostly inactive.

As a result, they may have decided that the dating site was not a good fit for them and decided to stop using it.

Many dating sites will keep the dating profiles of people who have long since stopped logging into their account.

Try broadening your search parameters.

You may receive more search results and come across more active profiles by doing this.

However, if there are very distinct qualities in a person that you are looking for and you feel that you simply cannot compromise on them, you may have to find a more fitting dating site.