A Cute Girl Messaged Me On A Dating Site Saying That She Thought I Was Cute?

A Cute Girl Messaged Me On A Dating Site Saying That She Thought I Was Cute?

She likes you.

Now, being that she initiated this message to you, she is most likely hoping for a response.

However, she doesn’t necessarily want you to respond with a message that is calling her cute as well.

Oftentimes, guys on a dating site make the mistake of responding to messages like this with something facetious.

They may message her back and say that she is really cute too.

They may then proceed to immediately start flirting with her without having built any kind of rapport with her beforehand.

They may respond with a message immediately asking the girl if she would like to meet up.

They may even respond with a message asking the girl if she can send them some sexy pics of herself.

In essence, guys who get these kind of messages from girls on a dating site often misinterpret it as a license to be as superficial or forward in their response as possible.

You shouldn’t mistake the fact that a cute girl messaged you on a dating site saying that she thought you were cute as a license to send her messages that have no substance.

When a cute girl sends you this kind of message, she is letting you know that you caught her attention.

She is hoping that in calling you cute, you feel motivate to respond to her.

However, she does want your message to have substance.

Oftentimes, a cute girl will message you in this way in order to test you.

She wants to see whether you will take the bait of responding with nothing but frivolous messages.

She wants to see whether there is more to you than what you see on the surface.

Oftentimes, guys fail this test miserably.

They take the bait.

They respond in a way that she is expecting them to respond.

Again, they may respond with messages talking about how cute she is or they may want to meet right away or they may ask for sexy pics.

In order to set yourself apart from the majority of guys who will take the bait, respond with more substance.

Avoid mentioning her looks at all.

This is what most guys will do and thereby it is what she expects.

In fact, she may get these kind of responses from guys on a dating site so often, this alone may make her lose interest.

All the guys who take the bait in responding with telling her how cute she is all fall into the same pot in her mind.

Hence, there is nothing special to them and as a result, she often won’t even reply to a lot of these kind of responses.

Instead of taking the bait, respond with a message that has a lot more substance.

Again, avoid returning the compliment by telling her that you think that she is cute as well.

Instead, take a look at her dating profile and compliment her on something that has more substance.

Then proceed to follow up that compliment with an open-ended substantive question.

For example, she may have written about how much she loves living a healthy lifestyle and how that is a major part of who she is.

You could proceed by starting with a compliment such as, “Kudos to you for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

This is enough.

You don’t want to go overboard with this.

This is a substantive compliment that is a lot more meaningful than something superficial.

You are addressing something that she spoke about with a lot of passion in her dating profile.

Now, you can proceed with an open-ended substantive question such as, “What is the hardest part about maintaining a healthy lifestyle that you have experienced?”

This is a very effective open-ended question.

You have drawn attention to something that she is passionate about and have proceeded to ask her a substantive question that she actually gets to think about.

This is how you separate yourself from the rest of the guys who would automatically respond to her message with something superficial in nature.

Those kind of responses will typically get ignored.

However, your message won’t.

You will stand out from the rest and she will feel compelled to respond to you.

When a cute girl messages you on a dating site saying that she thought you were cute, try not to take the bait in how you go about replying to her.

Be smart about your response.

Make it substantive and you will dramatically increase the chances that she will reply to you.