I Had A Date With A Great Guy That I Met On A Dating Site, But The Date Didn’t Happen?

I Had A Date With A Great Guy That I Met On A Dating Site, But The Date Didn't Happen?

He had a change of heart after some reflection.

He may have initially agreed to the date because he was interested in you.

The both of you may have been having some really good exchanges on a dating site.

Perhaps you have had some great conversations where you have both really opened up about yourselves.

You may have even discovered that you had a lot more in common with this guy than you originally thought that you did.

The both of you have probably even flirted multiple times.

Everything seemed to be going well.

With this kind of connection, you both decided to meet for a date in the real world.

You were both excited about this first meeting.

This great guy may have even told you that he couldn’t wait to see you and he was really looking forward to the date.

You probably started anticipating this date with a mixture of excitement and anxiety.

On the one hand, you were really excited to get to meet this great guy, but on the other hand, you may have been worried that the date wouldn’t work out.

Perhaps you both meet each other and the chemistry is just not there like it has been on the dating site.

Perhaps you both meet each other and have absolutely nothing to talk about.

Perhaps you both meet each other and you are both disappointed about how the other physically looks in real life.

You may have gone through all kinds of ups and downs in your emotions and expectations of this date.

However, you were still looking forward to the date with this great guy.

Unfortunately, the date didn’t happen.

After all that expectation and excitement, the date didn’t happen.

Perhaps he stood you up.

Perhaps he cancelled.

Perhaps he just disappeared without contacting you ever since the date was arranged.

Perhaps he postponed but wasn’t definitive about when this date will happen.

Regardless of however which way it occurred, the date simply didn’t happen.

This often happens when a guy has had some time to reflect.

Until the both of you agreed to meet up on a date, he was still enjoying the exchanges in a way that didn’t put any pressure or expectation on him.

In other words, the both of you would talk on the dating site and it would be fun like always.

You would have an ease in conversation like you always have.

You would both tease each other or flirt.

You would both laugh.

You would both feel completely at ease with being silly with one another.

However, once a date was agreed upon, everything became a lot more real to this great guy that you met on a dating site.

Though he may have initially agreed to this date or even initiated the request, he never really thought things through.

Once that date was arranged, he was now in a position where he began to reflect on his exchanges with you on the dating site.

There is a good chance that he became worried about taking his correspondence with you away from the dating site to the real world.

He may have been anxious about the possibility that he will not impress you in the same way that he has done on the dating site.

He may have become worried about the possibility that you won’t even like the way he looks in real life.

He may have worried that the both of you would simply have nothing to talk about at the date.

He may have worried that the venue of the date would bore you.

In essence, once the date was arranged, the reality of the fact that he was about to meet you in person may have finally caught up with him.

Once he had made this reflection, he may have become so worried that he consequently decided not to fulfill the date.

This is often what happens when you have a date with a great guy that you met on a dating site and the date doesn’t happen.

He basically gets cold feet.

He is terrified of failing at that date and thereby, he chooses to take the easy route of not going to the date.