Anyone Else Intimidated By Online Dating?

Anyone Else Intimidated By Online Dating?

The sheer volume of dating options can easily make people feel intimidated.

If having a lot of dating options is something that the person isn’t used to, they may find it intimidating to even figure out where to start.

It can feel like such a huge change to go from not having a lot of dating prospects in the real world of dating to having literally unlimited dating options in online dating.

One of the best ways to counter feeling intimidated by this is to try not to get carried away with everything that you see available on an online dating site.

Having a lot of dating options on an online dating site doesn’t mean that the majority of those dating options would be the right match for you.

If you get too caught up in how people look in their online dating profiles, you may start focusing on something that may not be what you need.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, putting more emphasis on substance over imagery would be your best option.

This is how you can go about feeling less intimidated by online dating.

If you don’t allow yourself to get lost in all the pretty photos and simply focus more so on what people have to say in their online dating profiles, you will realize that there isn’t much to feel intimidated about.

In other words, as you start to read the words of the people behind these online dating profiles, you will begin to realize that a number of these people are just like you.

They have some of the same likes as well as dislikes.

Some may even have a similar background to your own.

You may also have similar shared experiences.

The more you discover the person behind all those online dating profile photos, the less intimidated by online dating you will become.

You will begin to humanize these people and understand that you are all on the online dating site for a reason.

You are all searching for something.

That understanding is something that you can hold on to.

These people are using an online dating site just as you are.

Hence, they are no different from you in this aspect.

Feeling intimidated by them wouldn’t make sense when you come to this realization because you are all searching for something that you did not find in the real world.

People also tend to feel intimidated by online dating because they may worry about posting their photos on an online dating profile for so many people to see.

It is understandable that a person can feel intimidated by this prospect.

This is especially true if the person tends to be more of a private person in their real life.

The prospect of putting their face out there could feel uncomfortable.

If this is how you feel, do understand that there are a lot of people who felt the same way before they posted photos to their online dating profiles.

They may have felt just as intimidated, if not more.

However, they still went ahead and posted their photos to their online dating profiles because they felt that what they were seeking was much more important than how intimidated they felt.

Hence, by focusing more so on what you hope to achieve by joining an online dating site, it helps to take away the feeling of being intimidated by online dating.

You would want a future romantic partner that you may meet through online dating to know what you look like.

Wouldn’t you?

Bearing this in mind, you can overcome the feeling of being intimidated by online dating.