Do Women Respond To Playful Teasing On Online Dating Sites?

Do Women Respond To Playful Teasing On Online Dating Sites?

Women do respond to playful teasing on online dating sites.

The key here is that you are being playful as opposed to vulgar.

Many guys on online dating sites make the mistake of thinking that they are only playfully teasing when in fact they are being vulgar.

This is often the reason why women don’t respond to these kind of men.

By being vulgar in the way they playfully tease women on online dating sites, these men make women feel very uneasy and thereby unwilling to communicate any further.

Indeed, some of these men may have started off with adequate playful teasing.

The women that they were corresponding with on the online dating site may have been initially responding to the playful teasing in a good way.

However, these men got too comfortable.

They started thinking that they could take the playful teasing even further.

They take the playful teasing to a different level and make it vulgar.

Most women on the dating site who are at the receiving end of this are instantly turned off.

Many will stop communicating with the guy at this point.

However, some of the women may actually decide to tell the guy that he has gone too far with the playful teasing and he should dial it back.

These women may actually have liked how the guy had initially started the playful teasing and just want him to go back to that.

The man may apologize and acquiesce to her wishes for a few more exchanges but he soon takes his playful teasing back to being vulgar again on the online dating site.

This is when the girl draws the line and decides to stop responding to this guy altogether.

This is never where you want to find yourself when you start playfully teasing in your interactions with women on online dating sites.

You may not quite know what the limit is as far as the playful teasing.

In essence, you may be unaware of just how far you can push it.

One of the best ways to keep yourself from taking the playful teasing too far is to use the responses of the women as your guide.

In essence, only go as far as she is willing to take it.

Oftentimes, a woman will give you a good sense of how far you can go with the playful teasing through how she responds to it.

If she keeps her responses relatively tame in nature, that is your warning that you should keep your playful teasing on that tame level as well.

If you get to a point with a woman where she starts responding to your playful teasing with more risque overtures, there is a good chance that she has gotten to the point where she wants you to take the playful teasing to the next level.

Simply match her intensity.

Do not fall for the temptation to do even more or be even more vulgar.

Simply match her level of intensity when it comes to how she is currently responding to the playful teasing.

Using the responses of the women to your playful teasing is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t take things too far too soon.

This is how you keep women continuously responding to your playful teasing on online dating sites.

If you do this right, you may get the women to the point where they may even start their exchanges with you on the online dating site with playful teasing.

This means that they are getting more and more comfortable with you and may be thinking about what it would be like to actually playfully tease you in person.