Girls, What’s Your Experience Of Online Dating?

Girls, What's Your Experience Of Online Dating?

It can be an incredible experience or a poor one.

Some girls experience amazing success online dating while others experience amazing failure.

The problem is that some girls will enter online dating with skewed expectations.

They don’t really do enough research before the start of it or they join an online dating site that isn’t right for them.

They may not even be of the right mindset based on certain things that may be going on in their personal lives when they join an online dating site.

So much of what ultimately happens to a girl when she is online dating is based off of what she did beforehand and the mindset that she was in when she started online dating.

Now, even with the right mindset and good research beforehand into joining an online dating site, most girls still don’t always have an entirely smooth ride through the online dating experience.

Girls receive a lot more messages on an online dating site than men do.

A girl could join an online dating site and be inundated with hundreds of messages from guys within a few hours time.

This kind of experience so soon into online dating can be quite overwhelming for some girls.

She may be stunned at the sheer volume of messages from men.

It may initially feel great that so many men are paying her this much attention, but once she reads some of these messages and realizes that the majority of them are facetious, she starts worrying about this experience.

She soon realizes that these messages have nothing to do with her online dating profile and wanting to learn more about her as a person.

The majority of these messages are commenting on her looks or how much they would love for her to be their girlfriend.

Other messages are already professing that she becomes a wife to them.

Some of the other messages are more generic with a simple “hello.” These sort of messages are not conducive to an open-ended conversation.

As a few days go by and she is still receiving endless new messages while trying to also catch up with the ones she has already received, she starts becoming despondent and quite frankly, completely exhausted.

It literally feels like work as she tries to decipher genuinely interested messages from frivolous ones.

Unfortunately, the genuinely interested messages are much harder to find if not non-existent.

Before long, she is exasperated and emotionally defeated.

She gives up and leaves the online dating space.

This is the experience for a good number of girls who just have no idea what they are about to get into trying online dating.

However, online dating is not a sprint.

It is more like an obstacle walk.

The girls who know this will be patient.

They will experience the initial inundation of frivolous attention from men but they will weather the storm.

They remain poised and focused on their goal.

They learn how to start navigating the online dating space in a way that is beneficial to them and saves them time and energy.

They learn how to start blocking certain individuals and how to construct their online dating profiles in such a way that even discourages certain men to send them a frivolous message.

They are able to start filtering their availability in the online dating site’s search parameters in such a way that they dramatically reduce the number of frivolous messages they receive.

They can never get rid of all of those frivolous messages unless they set their online dating profiles to private, but they will cut down on a lot of them.

Eventually, they meet their match and can say goodbye and thank you to the online dating site.