How Do You Start Internet Dating After 16 Years Of Being In A Relationship?

How Do You Start Internet Dating After 16 Years Of Being In A Relationship?

Internet dating is a great way to meet new potential people to date.

However, if you have recently gotten out of a relationship that lasted 16 years, you should make an assessment of how you feel emotionally at this time.

You should try not to start internet dating if you realize that you are still emotionally distraught over the loss of your 16 year relationship.

People who are still emotionally distraught over a break up often make the mistake of starting internet dating when they should be working on resolving those emotional issues first.

You shouldn’t make this mistake.

If you were to start internet dating with this kind of emotional baggage, you would only find it that much more difficult to get people to stick around because many of them will eventually sense that baggage and not want to have anything to do with it.

The others that last longer may only become rebound relationships that end up being short-lived.

These rebound relationships tend to be short-lived because of a lack of emotional availability from the party who came into it after having gone through a break up.

This would be you in this case.

Hence, before you start internet dating, it is crucial that you make an assessment of how you truly feel at this time.

Being in a relationship for 16 years is a lot of commitment.

You would have shared a lot of life experiences with this person.

You would have shared a lot of dreams with them, some of which you may have both accomplished and some of which you may not have.

You would have given a lot of your time and effort in making this relationship work.

That kind of time and effort is not easy to discount.

There may be a part of you that is upset over the fact that you spent 16 years in this relationship and it has ended up in a break up.

Ask yourself whether you are currently feeling some anger and resentment towards the fact that you spent this much time and effort into a 16 year relationship and this is how things have turned out.

If you notice even a flicker of anger and resentment, you absolutely should address this.

Oftentimes, any sign of anger and resentment means that you may be trying to suppress these emotions but they are still there within you.

These are emotions that you must work on before thinking about starting internet dating.

Oftentimes, this simply requires a period of time for you to get back in touch with yourself.

You may have neglected engaging in certain activities that you love during your 16 year relationship because you were so devoted to this relationship.

This would be a time for you to take up some of those activities.

Spend some time rediscovering yourself.

Do you remember what makes you such a catch?

Seriously, do you?

After 16 years of being in a relationship, you may have forgotten.

This is why you should take this time to start rediscovering yourself.

After you have done this for a while, take another assessment of your 16 year relationship.

There is a good chance that you will not be as angry and resentful as you were when you first thought about all the time and effort that you spent on this 16 year relationship.

There is a good chance that you may actually start feeling a sense of hope.

Now that you have rediscovered yourself, you realize that there is still a lot of love and romance and fun left in you.

You want to share that with someone new.

You have a new perspective and hopefulness to life in general and what a new relationship with someone new could be like.

This is the healthiest mindset to be in when it comes to internet dating.

When you have a healthy mindset like this, starting internet dating would actually be a wise choice.

It is best to start it with ease and avoid trying to rush into meeting anyone so quickly.

Take your time with it.

Internet dating sites have a lot of people searching for love and relationships.

Hence, there is no need to hurry.

Take your time and get engaged in fun lighthearted conversations with people on the internet dating site.

Avoid putting any pressure on these interactions.

Just let them flow and happen naturally.

There is no need to jump right into another relationship.

Enjoy what it feels like to be free and open.

With this kind of spirit, there is a good chance that you will eventually find someone new who will want to be a part of your vivacious energy and life journey.