How Wrong Is It To Use Dating Apps For Free Food From Guys?

How Wrong Is It To Use Dating Apps For Free Food From Guys?

Since you got into the world of online dating, you have used multiple dating apps to get free food from guys.

Once you are matched, you chat with these men until they invite you to a date.

The sheer number of dates you have been on with guys who end up paying for your food is unknown.

It’s that much.

So much free food and a variety of it too.

You have tasted gourmet dishes so good, you went to sleep after the date obsessed with thoughts of how good it was.

The modus operandi is to block the guy once the date is over.

The ease in which you get these dates has you dumbfounded.

The offers never end.

Being that you receive thousands of matches from men every month on dating apps, you don’t remember the last time you bought groceries.

It doesn’t feel real.

That being said, you are now questioning the morality of signing up on dating apps with the sole purpose of getting guys to invite you out on dates and get free food.

There is no intention to pursue romance with any of these guys.

Romance with any of them has never crossed your mind.

This is why you block them soon after the date.

It wouldn’t be fair to keep going out on dates with a guy, and get him to buy free food for you, when you know full well that you have no romantic interest in him.

That is where you draw the line.

This is leading a guy on in the most cruel way and you don’t want to do that.

Luckily, you have never had to entertain the idea of doing this either, given that you receive so many matches on a monthly basis.

You can barely keep up.

It isn’t unusual for you to be conducting numerous conversations at once with multiple matches, and lose track of conversations and names.

Thankfully, these mistakes have never caused you to miss out on dates.

Guys seem to be so willing to forgive suspicious behavior.

Undoubtedly, these are thirsty men who are desperate to meet a girl, hook up, or get into a relationship.

Unfortunately, you aren’t looking to get into a relationship right now.

You have too much chaos in your life.

A relationship would completely disrupt your life and you don’t have any time for it.

That being said, you have been at this for a while and you are now contemplating the question of how wrong it is to use dating apps for free food from guys.

It sounds like you want to feel better about what you are doing.

What on earth happened?

What led to you having a dose of conscience?

Let me take a guess.

A really sweet guy took you out on a date and made you rethink using guys for free food?

Were you having a bad day and felt much better when he gave you comfort?

Did he empathize with you and cheer you up?

Did he connect with you on a mildly emotional level, making you look at him as more than a free food wallet, which consequently gave you a bout of conscience?

Whatever the reason why you have had a bout of conscience, you don’t have to worry about any wrongdoing in the eyes of the law.

As long as you aren’t grabbing cash out of his wallet while he is in the bathroom at the restaurant, there is nothing unlawful about what you are doing.

Yes, technically, you are misleading men and that is wrong.

But, in a weird way, you are doing these guys a favor.

These are men who are too thirsty and too quick to ask a pretty girl out without taking the time to get to know her and vet her.

If these men were patient enough to take the time to get to know you on a dating app, they wouldn’t keep getting into these situations where they buy free food for a girl who later blocks them.

Believe it or not, you are not the only girl who uses guys on dating apps for free food.

A patient guy who takes his time filters out girls like you.

You won’t stick around for weeks, waiting for him to ask you out on a date, when you have a plethora of men who are already asking you out on a date within hours or a few days.

The more of these free food dates these thirsty men encounter, the hope is that they learn to value themselves, and take the time to get to know a random girl they match with on a dating app before asking her out on a date.

The end result is that there are less and less of these men being suckered, which makes them better candidates for relationships, having learned a valuable lesson in self-control where their desires are concerned.

This is where they get into the practice of building rapport with women they match with over time.

Unfortunately, this means less free food dates for you, but rest assured, you have done these men a solid.

Who am I kidding?

Thirsty men are not going anywhere.