Do You Usually Unmatch With People You No Longer Talk To On A Dating App?

Do You Usually Unmatch With People You No Longer Talk To On A Dating App?

You two are no longer talking and this happens.

Two people don’t always stand the test of time on a dating app.

Sometimes, conversations start with a bang and end with a fizzle.

This is the nature of online dating and you don’t have to feel bad for having gone through it.

It’s normally a good idea to unmatch someone that you are no longer talking to.

In a context where this was someone you felt a strong connection to and he chose to stop talking to you, unmatching with him allows you to move on.

In keeping him matched with you, you are constantly reminded of how badly it all ended up, and that can leave you feeling unhappy whenever you are logged into the dating app.

In addition, unmatching him takes away any internalized hope that he returns and starts talking to you again.

It’s a mistake to keep him as a match for weeks and months on end in the hopes that conversation is rekindled with him.

There is a reason why conversation fizzled out when it did.

Even in the event he reestablishes contact with you weeks or months later, he is doing it from a place of desperation.

You weren’t his preferred choice.

He had spent the last several weeks and months talking to someone else hoping to establish a romantic connection with that person.

It didn’t work out.

As a consequence, he has returned to you.

His return is intended to be short-lived.

The moment he is matched with someone better, he intends to ghost you again.

This is never a good thing for the recipient.

It keeps you in constant limbo, wondering why he keeps coming back and disappearing.

You aren’t on a dating app to be a guy’s play toy.

You are there to find a partner.

The less time you waste on matches who repeatedly come in and out of your life, the better.

Unmatching him keeps you from being tempted to message him down the road on a day you so happen to feel the weight of missing him.

In emotional states like this, your mind makes you forget that he was the one who stopped talking to you to begin with.

Instead, you trick yourself into believing that he must have had a good reason to stop talking to you, but now that many months have gone by, things have hopefully changed.

You give in to your longing and message him out of the blue.

And now you wait, desperately hoping that he responds.

In the event he doesn’t, your mental and emotional disposition worsens, which makes it tougher for you to conduct good conversations with your matches.

Being that every match you have had since him hasn’t lived up to the promise he embodied, you are doubly desperate to reconnect with him.

This does you no good.

The promise you thought he possessed was created in your head.

He never showed you that promise in life itself.

You got caught up in his words, but they were just words.

And words that sound too good to be true, often are.