I Took A Risk And Messaged Someone That I Thought Was Attractive On An Online Dating Site. He Looked At Me And Didn’t Reply. I Feel Like Giving Up.

I Took A Risk And Messaged Someone That I Thought Was Attractive On An Online Dating Site. He Looked At Me And Didn't Reply. I Feel Like Giving Up.

He didn’t feel a connection with what you wrote on your dating profile or he just didn’t find you attractive.

This happens all the time in online dating and shouldn’t be cause for you to give up.

No one person is going to be appealing to everyone that encounters them.

You may have taken a risk in messaging this guy, but you should not let this guy be the only one that you message.

You may feel discouraged because this guy looked at your dating profile but didn’t reply.

However, do understand that this is only one guy.

There are so many more guys on online dating sites.

You shouldn’t stop yourself from taking more risks in messaging other guys that you may be attracted to.

Dating is a numbers game.

The more people that you expose yourself to, the higher the likelihood that you will eventually meet your match.

If you give up because this one guy that you messaged looked at your dating profile and didn’t reply, you would be missing out on so many more opportunities.

This is only one guy.

This isn’t cause for alarm.

It would be a mistake to stop trying to take risks in messaging guys from here on out because you don’t want to get rejected.

Do understand that getting rejected is part of the process of dating and ultimately finding the one.

It is actually necessary.

It is highly unlikely that you will connect with the very first person that you send a message to on an online dating site.

If most people decided to give up after not getting a reply to a first message, there would be no more online dating.

In other words, online dating sites would be a desert wasteland.

This is not the case in reality because most people who use online dating sites know that they are bound to get rejected.

They are bound to send a message to someone who chooses not to reply.

However, they also know that as long as they keep at it, they will find their romantic match.

The numbers simply work in their favor when it comes to online dating sites.

With the sheer volume of dating prospects on online dating sites, the likelihood of finding a significant other is very strong.

Hence, they resolve themselves to sticking it out.

They send more messages to guys that they are attracted to on online dating sites and are eventually rewarded for their efforts by meeting their best match.

This can be you, as long as you don’t give up.

Make sure that your dating profile is well written and substantive.

You should be descriptive in what you write about and have a personable approach to your dating profile essay.

In other words, it should feel as though you are having a conversation with someone, as opposed to sounding like a robot.

Make sure that there are many really good pictures of yourself engaged in activities that you love.

As long as you have taken the time to construct a really good online dating profile, you will get guys to start replying to your messages.

Some of them will simply connect with what you had to write and will want to respond to you.

The more descriptive you are in your dating profile essay, the more opportunity you give yourself to connect with guys.

In taking the time to write about several experiences that you have had and several areas of interest, guys that look at your dating profile will have a much easier time in finding things that they have in common with you.

This is what tends to encourage guys to respond to a message.

So, be patient.

Take more risks in messaging more guys.

You will eventually connect with someone.