If Someone Says That They’re On A Dating Site For Dating But Nothing Serious, What Does That Mean?

If Someone Says That They're On A Dating Site For Dating But Nothing Serious, What Does That Mean?

This person is most likely looking to date casually and nothing more.

They are on the dating site to find dates and have fun.

However, they don’t want commitment.

When someone says that they don’t want anything serious, they don’t want to have a label on any casual relationship that they may find with someone that they meet on a dating site.

Oftentimes, a person who is this direct with what they want on a dating site, may just not want to get entangled in a correspondence where a person may have expectations of them.

They may not want to find themselves in a position where they have to play the bad guy by having to tell someone that they may meet on a dating site that they don’t want anything serious.

They may have been in this position in the past.

Perhaps they weren’t very clear about what kind of relationship that they were looking for on the dating site.

They knew that they wanted nothing serious but may not have been as open and direct with that information at the very beginning with someone.

This person may have proceeded to fall for them.

This may have put them in a really unwanted position.

They most likely proceeded to tell this person that they wanted nothing serious.

Perhaps this person took this news very personally.

The person may have proceeded to say that they were misled.

They may have become bitter and called this person all kind of names.

This may be an experience that this person doesn’t want to have again.

As a result, they may have made a decision that they would always be upfront about the kind of relationship that they are looking for from here on out.

This may be why this person has been so direct with you in saying that they’re on a dating site for dating but nothing serious.

They want you to understand that if you choose to pursue anything with them, it will not lead to a serious relationship.

They want to be really clear about that.

They may worry that if they weren’t clear about this point, you may believe that there is hope that at some point in time they will want to get serious.

However, by being this direct and honest with you, they want to make sure that you do not hold on to any hope that a serious relationship will result out of this correspondence.

Someone may say that they are on a dating site for dating and nothing serious because their heart may still be with someone else.

They may have gone through a recent breakup with someone that they are still in love with.

It has been hard for them to deal with the emotional repercussions of the breakup.

They may have joined a dating site in order to help provide a distraction from the weight of their thoughts and their loss.

Knowing that they are not emotionally available to anyone, this person knows that they wouldn’t be capable of getting into a serious relationship with anyone.

They know that they are still in love with their ex.

Indeed, there may be a part of them that is still hoping that somehow they will be able to get back into a relationship with their ex.

However, for now, they know that they don’t want to keep carrying this emotional baggage on their own.

They decide that they need a distraction and choose to join a dating site.

They know that all they are on the dating site for is to date and nothing else.

They don’t have the emotional availability to let anyone else in.

All they know is that they just need an escape from the emotional repercussions of this breakup and they are hoping that going out on dates will provide it.