I’m Lonely And I Feel Old. Is Online Dating The Only Way I Can Meet Someone?

I'm Lonely And I Feel Old. Is Online Dating The Only Way I Can Meet Someone?

Online dating may not be the only way to meet someone but it has certainly become the primary way that many people are using to find a significant other.

Being that you feel lonely and old, perhaps you have already tried different ways of meeting someone in the real world and they just haven’t panned out for you.

This does happen to a lot of people.

This is why these people often turn to online dating to meet someone.

Though online dating is one of the best ways to meet someone, you shouldn’t approach it with the mindset that it will cure all of your social or dating woes.

If you have been having some personal issues that have been impeding your progress in meeting someone in the real world, the same will happen in online dating.

You are still dealing with human beings in online dating.

They will still be able to sense that you have personal issues that you haven’t dealt with.

They won’t want to be with someone that seems to be trying to cover those personal issues by trying to find someone new to date.

This is why you need to be absolutely certain that you don’t come into online dating believing that online dating will be the solution to your real life personal problems.

Again, you will fail in this attempt because the people that you meet on the online dating site will eventually be able to tell that you have personal problems and they will not want to have to deal with that.

If you feel lonely and old, ask yourself about previous relationships that you have had in the real world.

Ask yourself about why these relationships didn’t work out.

You should figure this out before thinking about using online dating to meet someone.

If you have had romantic relationships in the past that failed, there was a reason why they did.

There is most likely a pattern of behavior on your part that has caused these relationships to fail.

These failed real life relationships from your past may be the impetus behind your current desire to try online dating in order to meet someone.

However, you should understand that this pattern of failure will only continue if you were to start online dating without fixing the problem.

The reason why these real life relationships have failed in the past may be because you have been picking the wrong kind of romantic partners.

Another reason could be that you tend to expect too much out of these relationships too soon and as a result, you ultimately chase those romantic partners away from you.

You could even be finding ways to jeopardize those relationships when you realize that the person has certain flaws that you didn’t notice initially.

You may judge them for those flaws even though they may be harmless and consequently proceed to find ways to jeopardize your relationships in order to end them.

These are all behaviors you may have been exhibiting in your past romantic relationships in the real world.

This may be why you are finding yourself currently lonely and feeling old.

Though online dating is one of the best ways to meet someone, you will still fail at it if you come into it with this pattern of behavior that you may have exhibited in your past romantic relationships.

Understand that you are still dealing with other human beings when you are online dating.

If you tend to choose the wrong kind of romantic partner, rush into relationships or try to jeopardize your relationships because you have noticed harmless flaws, you will get the same result in online dating as you have had in real life dating.