Is He Interested Or Not? Or, Is He Just Playing Games While Online Dating?

Is He Interested Or Not? Or, Is He Just Playing Games While Online Dating?

If he is interested in you, he will typically ask to meet you in life.

In essence, he would want to take things from cyberspace into the real world.

If he hasn’t done that yet and he has been communicating with you on the online dating website for a while, he may just be playing games.

In essence, he may not be interested at all.

There are some people who will start online dating because they merely want attention.

Hence, they may be deceitful when they start communicating with other people on the online dating site.

You may believe that he is looking for a relationship, when in reality, he is just playing games and enjoying the attention that he is receiving from people on the online dating site.

This is why you should always ensure that you ask people what they are looking for and why they joined the online dating site before getting into sustained communication with them.

You certainly don’t want to have your time and effort wasted on someone who simply started online dating because they were seeking attention and validation.

He may not be at a place in his life where he wants to be in a relationship.

If anything, he may have just gone through a bad break up.

As a result, he may have chosen to start online dating in order to make himself feel better.

He may still be emotionally attached to his ex and even love her.

However, he is finding it really hard to let go.

Hence, in order to make himself feel that he is still attractive and desirable to someone, he decides to start online dating.

Again, he has no intention on actually finding a relationship.

He is just trying to heal his emotional wounds.

A guy like this may start communicating with multiple people online.

The more people he communicates with, the more he revels in the attention.

Unfortunately, he is playing games with each and every one of these individuals.

They may all feel that he is seeking a relationship when he really isn’t.

Another way to be able to avoid a guy like this who is more so about playing games than being serious about dating someone is by how substantive they are in their communication.

In essence, you will notice that he will rarely get into really deep and substantive conversations with you online.

He will always want to keep the topics that the both of you talk about online on the lighthearted side.

Even if you were to make an attempt to talk about topics that were more deep than talking about hobbies or the latest celebrity gossip, he may try to avoid the topic entirely or circumvent it right back to talking about something without depth.

The more you notice this kind of behavior, the more you know that you are dealing with a guy who isn’t interested and is only on the online dating site to boost his ego and play games.