Is Online Dating The “New” Way Of Dating In Our Generation Now?

Is Online Dating The "New" Way Of Dating In Our Generation Now?

It is.

It has been around for a while though and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

It may have been stigmatized in the past but this generation has come to embrace it more and more.

As a result, it has not only become the new way of dating for our generation but it has become the convenient way of dating.

Online dating is so convenient that our generation can skip the social events, night clubs and parties altogether and just sign up on an online dating app in order to meet someone.

We are the generation of the smart phone and other new devices of technology.

These devices have made it that much easier for our generation to connect.

The explosion of social media has also risen around the time that online dating started becoming more and more the new way of dating in our generation.

The two correlate very strongly.

As more and more people of our generation started using social media as a form of communication and interaction, it got them more used to using technology as a form of communication and meeting new people.

Back in the old days, people primarily relied on phones and written letters to communicate.

The advent of social media sites changed all of that.

More and more of our generation started looking at social media as the most convenient way to communicate.

They became so attached to their social media profiles and how many followers they had.

They had a platform. They had attention.

The more social media became the norm in communication among our generation, the more online dating became the new way of dating.

The two are bound.

It was inevitable that as more of our generation continued to use social media apps as their primary method of communication, they would begin to look at online dating as their new way of dating and meeting romantic prospects.

Our generation is the generation of convenience and technological advancement in communication.

It has gotten to the point now where our generation needs to stay logged into our social media accounts at all times just so that we don’t feel left out.

Our generation will also check into our social media accounts multiple times a day.

Social media has taken over as the primary way by which our generation connects and communicates with each other.

This is why it was inevitable that online dating would become the new way of dating in our generation.

Most of our generation are either meeting each other for the first time online or communicating with each other primarily online.

This is the online generation.

Being that we are the online generation, we are naturally going to have a very good chance of meeting our romantic matches online whether it be through a social media app or an online dating app.

Either way, our generation has gotten so used to using our social media apps as a means of meeting and communicating with each other that we may now be most comfortable in that medium.

In fact, many of our generation often initially get to know someone else through that person’s social media profile as opposed to actually interacting with that person in life.

As long as our generation remains the online generation, online dating will continue to be the new way of dating. It is only fitting that it would.