On Dating Websites, When Is The Best Time To Message A Woman?

On Dating Websites, When Is The Best Time To Message A Woman?

It’s best to message a woman when she is currently live.

This enables you to catch her while she is actually on the dating website.

Catching her while she is live on the dating website improves the chances that she will actually see your message and this bodes well for you.

She may feel compelled to open it because she is currently live on the dating website.

Her curiosity may be piqued at this time.

Being that this is the time frame that she tends to be live on the dating website, she may feel more compelled to reply to your messages.

When girls receive messages while they are offline, they tend to be a lot lazier with opening them up when they log into their online dating accounts.

Being that girls tend to receive a lot more messages on dating websites than guys do, they may become weary about logging into their online dating accounts and checking all those messages when they aren’t necessarily trying to be active at that time.

This is often why a lot of messages that girls receive from guys on dating websites tend to go unopened.

This is why the best time to message a woman tends to be when she is actually actively using the dating website and not just live.

At this time, her mind is set on being engaged on the dating website.

She is more focused on using it at this time because this is the block of time that she has dedicated to doing so.

This is why she would be more prone to check her messages at this time.

The more recent the message, the better.

This means that by sending her a message while she is live and active on the dating website, you put yourself ahead of a lot of the other guys whose messages have been sitting in her inbox overnight.

A good way to ascertain what times she tends to be live and active on the dating website is to simply check her dating profile throughout the day.

At some point in time, you will notice that she is logged into her online dating account.

On most dating websites it will even indicate that she is currently live.

You should take note of this time.

Even though it is best to message a woman when she is live, you will actually further improve your chances of getting into a conversation with her when you catch her at her optimal time.

Her optimal time tends to be a period that she dedicates to being active on the dating website for a sustained amount of time.

This is often a period where she has the most free time.

Oftentimes, a woman can just pop into her online dating account for a few minutes and leave.

These are not the optimum times to send her a message.

Again, though it is best to send her a message while she is live, you greatly increase your chances of getting a response from her when she is live and steady.

In other words, she is not just popping into her online dating account and leaving within minutes. She is actually going to be stable for a while and not rushed.

This is the optimal time that you can message her.

Not only will she most likely see this message but you would have also caught her at a time when she is going to be active on the dating website for a sustained period of time.

For most women, this optimal time is typically when they tend to have the most free time on their hands.

Hence, sometime during the weekends or in the early evenings tend to be the most popular.

You should be patient in observing her behavior on the dating website.

Perhaps give it about a week of observation.

If you notice that she tends to spend a longer period of time on the dating website over the weekend, then messaging her while she is live during this time would be your best option.

In doing this, she will have more time to both see your message the moment you send it to her and also be able to engage in an extended conversation with you.