Why Do Girls On Dating Sites Ignore Guys, Even When They Match Together?

Why Do Girls On Dating Sites Ignore Guys, Even When They Match Together?

They don’t believe that those guys are a good match for them.

Though dating sites may match you with girls, that doesn’t mean that the girls will feel that you are a true match for them.

Indeed, the matchmaking algorithm may have matched you with girls that were seemingly compatible to you, based on the information that the matchmaking algorithm gathered from your dating profile, but the girls may not agree with that assessment.

It may feel emotionally debilitating to have been matched with girls only to have them ignore you, but try not to take this personally.

This happens to just about everyone who uses dating sites, male or female.

Your experience in this department isn’t unique in any measure of the word.

The truth is that your credentials could look really good on paper, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will be a match to a person that would typically want those credentials in a romantic partner.

These girls may have taken a look at the dating profiles of the guys that they were matched with and may have simply not felt that connection.

Again, the guys may have a number of qualities that these girls like but there may be a vibe that these girls are getting from their dating profiles that they just don’t like.

As a result, these girls choose to ignore guys even when they match together.

Girls on dating sites also ignore guys even when they match together because they may already have a lot of other matches that they are busy getting to know.

Being that girls get so many more messages on dating sites than guys do, they can easily be in communication with multiple dating prospects at a time.

Hence, a lot of them are going to be focused on the guys that they have already been matched with that they feel have the most promise.

Being that they are already very preoccupied with all the other matches that they have received, it will be difficult for them to respond to every guy that they are matched with.

Hence, it is not always the case that girls ignore guys on dating sites who they were matches with simply because they are too picky or just enjoy the attention.

Many of these girls are actually quite overwhelmed with all of the attention that they get from guys on dating sites.

They may find it impossible to communicate with every guy that they match with because of the sheer volume of attention that they are getting from guys on dating sites.

If they were to respond to every match that they receive on dating sites, they would never leave the dating sites.

They wouldn’t have a life at all.

They would not be able to handle their responsibilities and obligations in the real world because they would be spending every waking hour on dating sites.

Girls on dating sites ignore guys even when they match together because they may also not like what the guy looked like.

In other words, they may not be physically attracted to the guys that are being sent to them as matches.

You may believe yourself to be an attractive guy.

People in your real life may have even told you as much.

However, you may not have that kind of response on dating sites.

This could be for a multitude of reasons.

Perhaps you have pictures that aren’t of great quality.

Perhaps you have pictures that make you look diminutive.

Perhaps you simply aren’t very photogenic.

These same girls who ignore you on dating sites may have been totally attracted to you had they initially met you in the real world.

However, if your physical appeal just doesn’t transfer very well into your pictures, they may think of you as unattractive and ignore you.