Online Dating: Are There Occupations That Are Turn Offs To Potential Matches?

Online Dating: Are There Occupations That Are Turn Offs To Potential Matches?

There are occupations that can turn off potential matches.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should be dishonest about your occupation on your online dating profile.

People often want to appeal to as many dating prospects as they can when they first join an online dating site.

Hence, they try to embellish certain elements of their personality or lifestyle.

Some may even blatantly lie.

You should never ever do this on your online dating profile no matter how tempting it is.

If you are currently in an occupation that you don’t believe is all that appealing, you shouldn’t lie about what it is.

Lying will get you nowhere.

Even if you are able to convince someone of the lie early on, it will only be a matter of time before they find out the truth.

The lie alone could lead to an end to their interaction with you.

The lie in itself is a turn off.

People just don’t like being misled.

If you already know that you have higher career aspirations, you could be more specific about this in your dating profile.

After stating what your occupation is, you could then follow that up by informing a potential match that you are also working on a college degree or that you are taking certain classes for a particular certification in some other field or that you are also have a side occupation that you are hoping to make a full time occupation at some point.

It would be good to name what that side occupation is.

As long as you are being honest about this, you can totally include this information along with your current occupation in your dating profile.

If you are not engaged in anything else nor aspire to do anything else, then just be honest about what it is that you do.

As long as you aren’t doing anything illegal, you will still be able to attract potential matches.

Now, if you are in an occupation that isn’t as high paying or skilled, it wouldn’t be smart to think that the only matches that you should be getting should be from people who have high paying or highly skilled occupations.

It wouldn’t be wise for you to only seek out these kind of individuals to send messages or interest signals to.

Like tends to attract like, whether it be with people who meet in real life or people who meet on an online dating site.

Most people are going to look for others who have commonalities with them.

A person who is in an occupation that is highly paid and highly skilled will normally be drawn to someone who has the same.

If you aren’t in that range, yes, your occupation could be a turn off to them.

However, you shouldn’t allow this to turn you off of online dating.

You just need to get real about your chances of matching with people like this.

A few of them may still give you a chance despite your occupation but most will want to meet someone who matches their life experience and socioeconomic status.

If you find yourself constantly drawn to people who have really high status occupations on an online dating site, it may be an indication that this is something that you aspire to have in your own life.

This may be your hint that it is time to start moving your life toward that direction.

If you want to match with people like this, you should start working towards reaching that kind of level in your own life.

Again, people will often look for others who have the same kind of status that they have in terms of socioeconomic level and educational experience.

This is simply human nature.

As long as you you don’t spend all of your time trying to match with people who have much more highly skilled occupations than what you happen to do for a living, you will still get messages from people.

They will just be primarily from people who are more on your level in terms of socioeconomic and professional status.