When A Guy Thanks You For Matching With Him On An Online Dating App As His First Message, Does It Seem As Though He Is Trying Too Hard?

When A Guy Thanks You For Matching With Him On An Online Dating App As His First Message, Does It Seem As Though He Is Trying Too Hard?

Don’t thank the girl for matching with you.

To thank her for matching with you on an online dating app as your first message to her could start things off on an awkward footing.

She matched with you because she liked what she saw on your online dating profile.

She wasn’t doing you a favor by matching with you.

If you were to start things off with this girl by thanking her for matching with you, it may put your mind in a state of being way too appreciative.

The problem with this is that you could start being too thankful or too polite about everything.

You may try to conduct conversations with her in which you act too careful or cautious in what you say.

After all, you have already made yourself believe that she did you a favor in matching with you.

Hence, you could easily approach a conversation that you have with this girl in the same vain.

This is where you start coming off as trying too hard.

Opening your first message by thanking her could initially strike her as odd or a little off, but she hasn’t necessarily made the conclusion that you are trying too hard quite yet.

The trying too hard part typically comes about in how you go about chatting with the girl after having initially thanked her.

By setting the tone from the very beginning as being unnecessarily appreciative, your mind will typically compel you to conduct conversations with this girl with that same approach.

Again, you would be very careful in how you go about chatting. Every word or phrase that you use would be thought out beforehand.

You would not be spontaneous in how you go about interacting.

She may even try to crack a joke or tease you but you would be unresponsive to it because you are so caught up in being appreciative and proper.

You are just so glad that she is taking the time to talk to you that you really don’t want to mess things up.

Instead of laughing and teasing her back when it is appropriate, you avoid doing anything that could deviate from the carefully planned conversation that you have thought out in your head.

Once she notices that you are so stiff and proper in how you go about communicating with her, she could become turned off.

This could easily lead to an end to your interaction with her.

Always remember that you are also a prize.

Whether a girl gives you attention in real life or matches with you on an online dating app, you should never lose sight of your value.

Approach your conversations with her in that mindset.

The first message that you send this girl on an online dating app is the first impression that she is going to get of you in terms of what your personality is like.

You rarely get a second chance to make the right first impression.

Instead of starting the message by thanking her, you can either ask her an open-ended question about something that she wrote on her dating profile that caught your attention or use an icebreaker question.

This will take you a lot further with her than starting with a thankful and appreciative approach.