Online Dating: Do I Have No Shot If All My Pics Are Selfies?

Online Dating: Do I Have No Shot If All My Pics Are Selfies?

You have much less of a shot with selfies.

You would have much greater of a shot if you took the time and effort to take pictures that aren’t selfies and post them on your dating profile.

Clearly, you have not been having the best results so far in online dating.

Yes, your selfies are a problem.

However, it is likely that there are other problems as well.

If you haven’t put out the time and effort to present pics that aren’t selfies, you probably haven’t put the time and effort to create a compelling online dating bio.

With this kind of minimal effort, you will receive minimal reward.

There is really not that much of a point in starting online dating if you aren’t willing to put in some time and effort into giving yourself the best chance at succeeding in getting what you want out of it.

If you have noticed that you aren’t receiving messages or that the messages that you send to women aren’t getting responses, your entire online dating profile is most likely the problem.

Hence, it is not just the fact that you only have selfies on your online dating profile, which is bad enough, it is also the fact that you most likely have a very lackluster online dating profile.

Again, what is the point in joining an online dating site if you aren’t going to put out the effort to get the best results out of it?

It may be time for you to take a step back and just ask yourself about why you joined an online dating site in the first place.

Indeed, you may actually not be ready for a relationship.

It is okay to be in this position.

Not everyone is ready for a relationship, even at a time that they are single.

There may be a lot going on in your life that you need to attend to or fix.

If this is the case, this is honestly what you should focus on.

Some people make the mistake of joining a dating site simply because they are single and don’t want to be lonely.

However, they are not always ready for a relationship.

They are not always in a stage in their life where they are able to be emotionally available and have room to let a romantic partner into their life.

This may be where you are and you have never even considered it.

Again, if there are complications in your life that keep you from being fully ready to take on a romantic relationship, it is best for you to work on those issues first.

Even if you were to get lucky and someone from a dating site so happened to take up an interest in you, they will not stick around for long once they notice that your life is so full of clutter and that you don’t really have a place in your heart to let them in at this time.

You should take some time out of online dating.

Work on the issues that are complicating your life.

Once you are at a good place where the clutter has been taken care of, you can return to online dating.

You will notice that this time around, you will be a lot more willing to put in the time and effort to post quality pictures of yourself and write a compelling bio because you would be at a much better place in life.