Online Dating: How Accurate Is The Vibe Over A Video Call For How You May Vibe In Person?

Online Dating: How Accurate Is The Vibe Over A Video Call For How You May Vibe In Person?

The vibe that you would experience over a video call with someone that you met on an online dating site can be surprisingly accurate to how you would vibe with this person in real life.

Assuming that there are no impediments to the video call that would include poor picture and sound quality, you will often get an accurate read on what your vibe with this person would be like if you were both to meet in real life.

Your best bet here is to make sure that there are no impediments to the video call experience between the both of you.

This means that there should be proactive preparation before you get on the video call.

It shouldn’t be just a spur of the moment thing. A spur of the moment video call could result in technical issues and a frenzied atmosphere.

This is the last thing you want.

To get the best accuracy in terms of the kind of vibe that you may have if you were to meet this person in real life, your video call has to be planned.

When that video call takes place, the both of you should be feeling comfortable and prepared.

There should be good lighting in the rooms in which you are both in and there should be no interloping sounds.

Once you are in this environment, the both of you will be able to have the best video call possible.

Now, do understand that anything short of a real in person meeting is not always going to be fully representative of what it would be like to actually experience being around this person.

Thereby, a video call can only do so much.

There are just certain things that a video call can’t catch.

An in person experience with this person would give you a chance to catch slight physiological behaviors that would be difficult to catch on a video call.

You would be able to experience this person’s scent which can go a long way when it comes to getting a vibe.

You would also be able to experience whether there is body chemistry.

Your body chemistry is often exhibited in terms of how you both mimic each other’s postures, how close you get to each other, how often you touch each other, how much sustained eye contact you have, even how fidgety the both of you may be.

These are all areas that a video call would have difficulty fully realizing.

Thereby, it’s important that you understand that a video call will have its limitations in terms of deciphering how accurate the vibe that you get while engaged in it will correlate to how you may vibe in person.

However, something that makes a video call still one of the best ways to determine how well you would vibe with this person in real life is the fact that you will get to hear this person’s voice and conversation will be spontaneous.

This is a lot different from messaging each other on a dating site or texting each other on a phone.

Hearing this person’s voice and how they go about conversing with you will often give you a very good idea about how well the both of you vibe intellectually and mentally.

Although you would be unable to truly determine what your body chemistry would be like through a video call, you could still easily determine what your vocal and intellectual vibe would be like through listening to each other speak.

This can go a long way in letting you know whether you would be able to vibe with this person in real life.