Online Dating: First Video Chat Tips?

Online Dating: First Video Chat Tips?

It can be a little bit nerve-racking when you are about to have your first video chat with someone that you have been text chatting with on an online dating site.

You may have even already built a good degree of rapport with each other through texting to the point where you have both gotten comfortable.

The thought of changing the medium of communication to video from texting can easily make anyone a little bit anxious.

You may worry about the possibility that this first video chat is going to go all wrong and thereby ruin all of the momentum that the both of you had built up through texting each other on the online dating site.

This is natural.

However, you should try your best not to allow yourself to get caught up in negative thoughts.

Doing so could actually have a negative influence in how you go about presenting yourself and communicating as you are in the process of doing a video chat with this person.

One of the most solid tips that you can use when you video chat is to make sure that you are in a room with proper lighting.

People often make the mistake of conducting video chats in a poorly lit room.

Without proper lighting, you could easily come off as unattractive.

It can also make the other person feel as though you are hiding in the shadows.

This can make you come off as lacking confidence and this is a major turn off.

Another important tip to remember when you do your first video chat is to make sure that you are in an area that has a good signal.

A video chat with someone that you have been getting to know on a dating site can be nerve-racking enough without further exacerbating the situation by inviting choppy communication due to a bad signal.

Do not make the mistake of conducting a video chat in an area that has a weak or bad signal.

The video chat may start well enough but in the process of having a great conversation, a poor signal could cause lapses in audio and visual.

This could lead to a very frustrating exchange that ends up ruining your first video chat.

Ensuring that you are in an area with a good signal is something that is so easy to do but oftentimes people ignore.

Make sure that you don’t make that mistake.

Your first video chat should also have your face in full view.

Sometimes, people make the mistake of conducting a video chat from an obscure angle.

Their camera may be too far above their heads or too low.

It may also be too far to the side.

You shouldn’t do any of this.

Make sure that you do proper prepping for a few minutes before your first video chat session begins.

Take a look at how your face appears on your camera.

It should be in full view and at a good enough distance that the camera also catches the first third of your upper torso.

This is the most appropriate kind of positioning for a video chat.

It puts your face in full view but it isn’t so close that it becomes distracting.

A full view of your face will often make the other person feel at ease.

It reassures them that you are the person that you have presented yourself to be in your dating profile photos.

This instantly sets a tone of trust between the both of you and this is often what leads to a very relaxed and fun video chat.