How Honest Are You When You Make A Profile For Online Dating?

How Honest Are You When You Make A Profile For Online Dating?

Most people may embellish the truth here and there when it comes to making their online dating profile but they try to be mostly honest.

It is tempting for people to try to make themselves more attractive than they really appear to be, not only physically but also as a person.

Hence, most people will upload the best photos that they can find from the most flattering angles.

They will also make themselves out to be a wonderful catch in their online dating profile essays.

Again, it is human nature to want to put your best foot forward or give the best first impression when you are trying to find a mate.

Hence, not everything that people write or show when they are making their online dating profiles are necessarily entirely true, but again, the majority of people mostly try to speak the truth.

Trying to put your best foot forward or convey your best self is also what happens in real life dating.

When you meet someone for the first time in real life, they are most likely going to present their best self to you.

They may have extra makeup on or a magnificent hairdo that they don’t typically wear in their day to day lives.

They may be dressed really classy when they tend to dress more casually in their day to day lives.

They may smell really nice because they just went to the local mall to buy this perfume or cologne for the date.

But they normally don’t even wear much perfume or cologne in their daily lives.

They may act as though they are confident when in fact they may be a little bit more timid or quiet in their day to day lives.

In other words, people in real life dating will often accentuate their good points or embellish certain facets of their personality in order to give a good first impression.

It is no different when you are dealing with people who are making their online dating profile.

They may embellish certain truths.

They may present the most attractive photos of themselves when indeed they normally don’t look that good in their day to day lives.

Some people may take this so far that they end up portraying someone that they truly aren’t.

This is something that you really need to be careful about when you are making your own online dating profile.

Though it may be tempting to embellish the truth or make yourself out to be more attractive than you really are, doing all that to the extreme can be to your detriment.

You may convey such a good impression to someone that they may message you.

However, upon getting to know you or even meeting you in real life, they come to find out that you aren’t close to what you were trying to represent yourself as on your online dating profile.

This is the trap that you never want to be in because you could find yourself really distraught at losing someone that you were really beginning to like.

Hence, though it may be tempting, put in your best effort to make your online dating profile as honest as possible. This way, you will only attract the right kind of people and there will be no surprises when they get to meet you in real life.