Online Dating: Ladies, How Do You Sift Through The Likes?

Online Dating: Ladies, How Do You Sift Through The Likes?

As a woman, you can easily be overwhelmed with likes when you join an online dating site.

It can be very surreal to experience this kind of attention so quickly.

You are most likely not used to something like this in real life.

Though you may get attention from guys in real life, nowhere near this many of them often have the courage to be this transparent about their romantic interest in you.

Hence, being inundated with likes when you first join a dating site can be something that hits you very unexpectedly and makes you almost feel as though someone has made a mistake.

You almost wonder whether there has perhaps been some glitch in the algorithm of the dating site that has led to a deluge of all these likes.

However, you soon realize that this has nothing to do with some kind of malfunction within the algorithm of the dating site and now, you truly have to deal with all these likes.

An effective way to sift through the likes is to ask yourself about what you signed up on the online dating site for.

Try to remember that first.

It can be so tempting to get so caught up in all the attention that you are getting that you could easily lose sight of why you joined the dating site in the first place.

Try to remember why you did.

What exactly are you looking for?

Although you have received a deluge of likes, this doesn’t mean that every one of those likes are from men who are looking for the same kind of relationship or compatibility that you are.

Try not to get so caught up in how attractive some of these men may be.

That could cause you to lose focus on what is highly crucial at this juncture.

Again, what is it that you are looking for?

If these men that are highly attractive don’t meet that potential, you shouldn’t feel the need to respond to them simply because you find them to be attractive.

Try not to get lost in the weeds so to speak.

It can be very tempting to get sidetracked when you receive this many likes and a good number of them are from attractive men.

Once you have asked yourself the question about what you are looking for, you can sift through the likes by being focused on the qualities that matter most to you.

You should get a good indication of the qualities that are possessed by these men based on what they include in their online dating profile.

If you notice that they are far too brief in how they describe themselves, these may be likes that you should ignore.

In essence, they never took the time to truly describe themselves so that a person who finds their dating profile has a good amount of information to work with.

Men like this are most likely just looking for a casual encounter and nothing more.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, it is best to focus more so on likes from men who have detailed dating profiles that give you a very good idea of the qualities that they possess.

This way, you don’t wind up wasting precious time and effort in talking to men who have no interest in finding a committed relationship at this time.