Online Dating Led To Facebook Friends…Now What?

Online Dating Led To Facebook Friends...Now What?

It can be easy to believe that an online dating correspondence that has now led to Facebook friends means more than what it really is.

The truth is, what happens now could be that the both of you will be just that, Facebook friends.

It is always dangerous to become Facebook friends with someone that you met from an online dating site before you have actually established a romantic connection with that person.

If you are looking for a romantic relationship with someone, adding that person as a Facebook friend before this romantic relationship has happened is often not a good idea.

What tends to happen is that now that the both of you are Facebook friends, you may become just as mundane as everyone else that they have as Facebook friends.

In other words, this person that you are now Facebook friends with will start seeing you as someone that they have as a friend online.

In essence, you run the risk of having this person put you into a box of friendship as opposed to consider you as a future romantic prospect.

When you communicate with this person through Facebook, you may just become another number. In essence, this person may be communicating with you at the same time that they are communicating with their other friends on Facebook.

This means that the person may no longer look at you as anything special.

You are just one of the many that they communicate with through Facebook.

You are not unique anymore.

You are just part of their Facebook crowd.

If this person starts seeing you in this way, it will be very hard for them to look at you as a romantic prospect.

When online dating leads to Facebook friends, unfortunately, you may remain just that, Facebook friends.

Now, being that this has already happened, you may still be wondering about whether romance can be salvaged with this person in question.

If you have not been Facebook friends for long, there may still be hope for romance. However, you will have to act quickly.

Your first priority should be to get this person to start communicating with you through another medium.

Again, you don’t want to give this person enough time to start thinking of you as merely one of their platonic friends on Facebook.

Which is why you should act now.

Try to get this person to start communicating with you over the phone.

It is really important that you take this person away from Facebook or any other form of social media when they are interacting with you.

By getting this person to start communicating with you through the phone, you have made yourself more unique.

You have saved yourself from allowing this person to become accustomed to the belief that you are now merely one of their Facebook friends.

Now that you are actually talking to this person on the phone, you have made your interactions with this person more personal.

This way, this person can begin to mentally separate you from the rest of the pack of people that they may be talking to as friends on Facebook.

By separating yourself from the pack, you give this person the opportunity to truly focus on you and who you are as a person whenever the both of you communicate.

As you start having consistent conversations over the phone, you should ask good questions of this person and find ways to relate to what they tell you.

The more attentive you are to what this person has to say, the more they will enjoy talking to you.

In time, you may build enough rapport with this person that they unequivocally want to go out on a date with you in real life.