Online Dating: Match Got Weird When I Wouldn’t Tell Her Exactly Where I Worked?

Online Dating: Match Got Weird When I Wouldn't Tell Her Exactly Where I Worked?

There is a mantra that bears repeating whenever anyone is doing online dating.

That mantra is, “safety first.”

In the digital world we live in, so much information about us is at anyone’s fingertips.

It’s really unsettling when you think about it.

This social media era has given people a laissez faire outlook to their personal information.

This has resulted in people’s identities getting stolen, and their sensitive personal information getting out into the wrong hands.

There are people who have been through years of suffering and financial expenditure working to erase the damage caused by someone who stole their identity or finances.

The world has become far too transparent in the technological age we live in.

And though this accessibility has had its benefits, it has had its drawbacks.

We are so blinded by the benefits we gain from technology, that we minimize its pitfalls.

You shouldn’t feel bad for not telling her exactly where you worked.

You don’t know her yet.

These are the early stages of conversation as you two get acquainted.

Instinctually, you chose not to tell her exactly where you worked because you didn’t feel comfortable doing it this early in courtship.

There is nothing wrong with that.

It is more troublesome that she got weird about it.

She didn’t take too kindly to your refusal to provide her with this information.

Her behavior shouldn’t be overlooked.

She wanted that information and was upset that you didn’t provide it.

There is a worrisome trait that is exhibited in people who have control issues.

A person with control issues doesn’t like it when they don’t get their way.

Think back to the conversations you have had with her so as to get a better idea of whether you are talking to someone who has control issues.

Does she primarily talk about herself, rarely asking you questions about yourself in return?

Does she talk over you sometimes?

Has she criticized you on something you said, albeit it lightly?

These are strong signs that she is someone who is about control.

A person who has control issues doesn’t like it when they encounter dissent, especially from someone they consider to be beneath them.

They are used to having control over a number of areas in their day to day life.

This consistency is what builds up a false notion within them that everyone within their sphere of influence is subject to their control.

That goes for the barista who took a little too long to take her order at a local coffee house last week, to the traffic light that dared to turn red as she was running late to work this week.

Her reaction to these incidents were not wholesome in any sense of the word.

In looking at other areas of her behavior, besides how she got weird when you dissented on telling her exactly where you worked, you get a better perspective on whether she has control issues.

Where there is a pattern of behavior that speaks to a woman who does have control issues, it’s best to disengage.

People with control issues make for unhealthy lopsided relationships.