Online Dating: Talking For Two Months But Only One Date. Is He Just Not Interested?

Online Dating: Talking For Two Months But Only One Date. Is He Just Not Interested?

His interest is low.

Two months with only one date is poor.

Talking to you for two months and mustering one date out of it is a strong indication of a man who isn’t as excited about you as he once was.

He has kept up with talking to you because there are elements to you that he likes.

Nonetheless, he believes he can find someone better on the dating app.

He has you on the back burner, in case he doesn’t find that better match.

He keeps talking to you to maintain an emotional connection to you.

It’s selfish.

He doesn’t want you to fully move on from him.

He wants to keep you around and knows that the best way to do that is to keep you emotionally invested in him.

This way, you aren’t tempted to completely disengage with him.

Even though he knows that you are probably talking to other guys on the dating app, as long as he keeps talking to you, he remains in your thoughts.

This is how he keeps you from forgetting him.

Sadly, you aren’t this guy’s first option.

You may not even be his second or third.

But he is keeping you around as his insurance policy in the event he doesn’t find his preferred option.

It wasn’t always like this.

When he met you in person on the first date, there was a part of him that wondered whether you would be the one.

The date was alright, but he realized that his search for the one that epitomized everything he wanted in a partner, wasn’t over.

He returned to the dating app to continue that search.

A guy like this is conniving.

To have the girl stick around, he dangles the prospect of meeting on another date at her.

In conversation, he talks about the places he intends to take her.

This makes the girl believe that a second date is imminent.

It isn’t.

He does that to keep her hopeful.

He knows that the moment she gives up on the idea of a second date with him, he has lost her.

He is no fool.

He is fully aware that women on dating apps receive substantially more matches than men do.

Without much effort, she could have a new date planned with a new guy and quickly forget him.

By talking to you for the last two months, he has been intent on staying in your mind.

As long as he remains in your thoughts, it is harder for you to give any new man that asks you out on a date your full attention.

That plays right into his hands.

A woman who isn’t directing her full emotional attention at one guy, is less likely to commit to him.

As long as you aren’t committing to any of these men, he knows that you remain an option.

All he has to do is ask you out on a second date and your attention swings right back to him.

Of course, he only intends to do this if he has run out of dating options.