Online Dating: When To Ask Deal-Breaker Questions?

Online Dating: When To Ask Deal-Breaker Questions?

There is only so much information to glean from a dating profile.

When none or very little information is available in relation to your deal-breakers, it makes it imperative that you find out whether the person is compatible with you.

Does this person pass the test in terms of how they align with your relationship deal-breakers?

You want to know whether they do and yet, you don’t know when it would be appropriate to ask them questions that relate to your deal-breakers.

You shouldn’t be worried about the timing of asking these questions.

The sooner the better.

The two of you are on a dating app to find a compatible partner.

It’s doubtful that a person would take offense to you asking them questions in relation to your deal-breakers, when meeting a compatible partner is the sole reason for their presence on the dating app.

You can have this conversation about deal-breakers as soon as your first or second conversation with this person.

The best approach is to have a mutual exchange of deal-breakers.

In other words, introduce the topic by asking them about a deal-breaker they have.

This is polite.

You get them to start the process, making it easier for you to follow that up with a deal-breaker you have.

Have a mutual exchange about your deal-breakers.

In doing it like this, there is a fair exchange of information and no one person feels like they have been put on the spot.

Again, having this conversation about deal-breakers is better done sooner rather than later.

People get themselves in trouble when they wait too long to ask questions in reference to deal-breakers.

They don’t want to seem like they are being too aggressive or demanding about what they are looking for in a compatible partner.

This is the wrong approach.

Spending too much time talking about everything else and never bringing up deal-breakers sets you up for possible failure.

Without a healthy exchange with each other about deal-breakers, you go into this blind.

You are stuck on what you have liked hearing so far, but you don’t know about what lies beneath the surface.

People are good at saying the right things when they meet someone on a dating app.

That doesn’t mean they are perfect.

Don’t fall into the trap of exclusively listening to what you want to hear.

The longer you talk with the person without opening up a conversation about deal-breakers, the harder it is for you to do it.

The person has painted such a good picture about who they are, you don’t want to sully it in asking them questions about deal-breakers.

You get lost in that picture, making you put off asking them about deal-breakers.

Beware of this.

Best to get the topic of deal-breakers out of the way early.

Remember why you are on the dating app.

You are there to find a compatible partner.

That requires getting answers to the tough questions.

Without that, no matter how good of a conversation you are having with someone, there is always that strong probability that there is something significant beneath the surface that you don’t know about because you haven’t asked about it.

Having a deal-breaker conversation is of mutual benefit.

The sooner you have that conversation with each other, the sooner you know whether you are talking to someone worth your time or not.