Online Dating: I Am Talking To Someone I Like But Haven’t Met, Should I Still Go On Other Dates?

Online Dating: I Am Talking To Someone I Like But Haven't Met, Should I Still Go On Other Dates?

Yes, you should still go on other dates.

Although you are overjoyed at how well the conversations have been with this one guy, it’s disadvantageous to deprive yourself from going on other dates with men who are showing interest in you on a dating site.

It’s wonderful that your conversations with this guy have been distinct.

They have stimulated you, elevating him to the top of your list in terms of romantic interest.

There is nothing wrong with having someone on top of your list.

What you mustn’t do is get carried away with his unrealized romantic potential.

As human beings, when we get excited about someone romantically, our imaginations run wild, causing us to create false realities.

You are creating stories and scenarios in your head that don’t exist.

These stories and scenarios are designed to make you feel good through showcasing the ideal relationship.

It creates a picture of him that isn’t real, blinding you to what true reality is.

This leads to unwarranted emotional investment in a guy you have never met in person.

In the event you meet this guy in person, your mind is so warped on what you want him to be, you overlook his real life flaws.

All you want to do is feed your mind and body with what makes you feel good.

You fall for the guy, overlooking his flaws, and weeks later, he is disrespecting and mistreating you.

Meanwhile, you have been ignoring the other guys who have been asking you out on dates, as your attention has been so wrapped up in your unrealistic emotions for this one guy.

You see, putting your romantic hopes on this one guy, puts you on this path.

When you go out on other dates, you are keeping your mind from fixating on this one guy.

That is healthy.

The added value of going out on dates with others is the comparison factor.

When you go out with other guys, you get to compare your time with each one of them.

Online, you have shared the best chemistry with this one guy, but you may be shocked to learn that you have better chemistry with someone else.

Online chemistry doesn’t always translate to real life chemistry.

This guy that you have had such good chemistry with on the dating site isn’t assured to share the same chemistry with you in person.

Missing out on going out with other dates has the potential to have a negative boomerang effect.

Their romantic interest in you isn’t open-ended.

Should it not work out with this one guy you are so into, there are no guarantees that these other men will be available to you when you come back around to them.

As is the purpose of dating sites, they too will meet someone and move on, leaving you regretting that you had placed your romantic hopes on one guy who didn’t work out.