Online Dating: When Women Lie About Their Age In Their Profile Information But Tell Their True Age In Their Bios?

Online Dating: When Women Lie About Their Age In Their Profile Information But Tell Their True Age In Their Bios?

This is not a good place to start with someone.

The woman is already lying before you have had your first conversation.

It can feel like you were easily taken for a ride when you are matched with an electrifying profile only to realize that the woman behind the profile was lying about her true age.

Somewhere in her bio, she says something like, “I am actually 55 but I put myself as 47 to avoid being matched up with much older men by the algorithm.”

She is providing an excuse for the lie, but does that excuse the lie?

Another common excuse is, “The site has my age wrong, it’s actually 62, not 53, and I have been trying to get it changed.”

The reliable “technology did it” excuse.

Regardless of the excuse given in the bio, it doesn’t change the fact that the woman lied.

You have to come to terms with that, even if this woman is attractive.

If she could lie about her age to trick the algorithm to send matches her way of your age range, what else is she and can she lie about?

It’s a slippery slope.

Women who lie about their age in this way believe that it is a white lie and there should be no harm in it.

Regardless of how they try to justify the act, it doesn’t change the fact that they lied.

They aren’t respecting the age requirements of other people who are using the dating site.

They hope that their mere attractiveness is enough to get these people to feel compelled to message them, even though their profiles would have never been matched if not for the lie.

The problem with letting something like this slide and proceeding to chat with the woman is not only in the question of what else she is capable of lying about, but also in the possibility that even she herself isn’t fully aware that she isn’t as young at heart as she believes herself to be.

You could decide to take your chances and let the lie slide.

She is attractive after all.

You contact her and she talks a good game about all kinds of topics that you love and makes a believer out of you.

You then invest more time on her, believing that she really is someone that is compatible with you, even though you were originally seeking someone younger.

Eventually, the inevitable happens, she shows her real age.

She can only keep up the act for so long.

Now that you have had a lot more time with her, you are noticing cracks in her armor.

All of a sudden, she is just not relating to certain topics that you are bringing up.

Physically, she is just not keeping up with you.

Culturally and socially, her opinions don’t seem to totally connect with yours.

It’s been weeks and now you realize that she really is her real age and all that talk about being young at heart was just a ploy or a mantra that she has falsely made herself believe.

Yes, her friends and family filled her head with that talk and she believed it.

She looks at herself in her bathroom mirror and sees a woman who looks younger than her years and buys into that mantra some more.

But, age catches up with all of us, no matter how badly we want to deny it or keep it at bay.

You come to realize, after a fair amount of time and financial investment in this woman that you were sold on a lie.

What a waste of your precious time.

How many other women of your preferred age range have you passed on in an attempt to get to know this particular woman who lied about her age on her profile?

Too many.

Now you have to start all over again.

Not a good place to be.

After all, you are not getting any younger either.