Why Do Some Of These Dating Profiles Seem So Over The Top And Overachieving?

Why Do Some Of These Dating Profiles Seem So Over The Top And Overachieving?

It makes you feel as though these overachievers on dating sites are just out of your league.

You feel good with what you have accomplished in life so far.

But, it all seems to pale in comparison to these folks.

Where are more of the normal folks you wonder?

You know?

The kind that haven’t traveled to dozens of countries or created their own startup businesses or run a New York marathon or attended multiple Burning Man festivals.

Yeah, it makes sense that you would feel intimidated by all these dating profiles.

It all just seems so over the top.

This feels like people are writing out the most eye-catching resumes in the hopes of getting the attention of a recruiter at some Fortune 500 company.

Try not to feel intimidated by what you are seeing on the dating site that you have chosen to use.

These dating profiles are over the top and overachieving, but it doesn’t mean that the person behind that dating profile is Mr. or Ms. Perfect.

Oftentimes, people feel the need to put their best foot forward when they are trying to attain something that they really desire.

If is a coveted job at some big company, they fill their resume with accomplishments that aren’t really necessary nor relevant to the job in question.

They even include accomplishments that go as far back as Kindergarten.

Okay, maybe not that far, but you get the point.

They are overdoing it, thinking that they need to in order to catch this recruiter’s attention and hopefully beat out everyone to get that coveted job.

Do they actually believe that they have all the answers or that they are absolutely the best choice for the job?

Not really.

So much of the reason why they overdo it with their resume comes from the sense that if they don’t inundate this recruiter with all of these accomplishments, they will be brushed over.

They feel that they need to overdo it with that resume so that they give themselves the best chance at being noticed.

Are they truly as amazing as everything that they have indicated in their resume would have you believe?


They know that they aren’t.

Yes, they wrote that they were very involved in all sorts of Athletics when they were in college.

The reality is, they weren’t the best at it, compared to their peers.

They didn’t break any records.

Yes, they wrote that they got on the Dean’s List in college.

But, the reality is, they weren’t necessarily at the top of that list.

There were many smarter people ahead of them on that list.

When you notice all of these over the top accomplishments in these dating profiles, so much of it is noise.

Many of these people don’t even care all that much about those accomplishments, but they have been overachievers their whole lives and are convinced that they need to showcase those accomplishments to be taken seriously by anyone of substance.

Just like that resume, they worry that leaving out all of that unnecessary information will cause the recruiter to overlook them.

In the same way, when it comes to online dating, they worry that they will not catch the attention of a good suitor if they don’t go over the top.

If you feel good about what you have accomplished in life, you shouldn’t feel as though you are out of these people’s league.

Deep down, they are just like you.

They want someone that connects with them on an emotional and yes, intellectual level.

But, none of that requires that you have also been to dozens of countries or run a New York marathon.

Sometimes, all they really need is to meet someone that is able to make them feel comfortable with just being themselves without having to spout out all of their accomplishments in a desperate attempt to feel relevant.

That person could be you.