People Who Put Their Phone Number On Their Dating Profile?

People Who Put Their Phone Number On Their Dating Profile?

People who are genuinely looking for a relationship partner are cautious about giving out very personal information on a very public platform.

Leaving a phone number on a dating profile is something that simply isn’t done by most people who are genuinely looking for a relationship or even a genuine hookup.

In general, people already have an internal defense mechanism, especially when they are online.

They refrain from sharing information that is too personal, a phone number being one of the most personal forms of information of them all.

When you see a phone number on someone’s dating profile, your internal defense radar should go off immediately.

Don’t be blinded by how amazing the person looks.

The more gorgeous the person appears, the more circumspect you should be.

Leaving a phone number on a dating profile is a red flag.

Even if you are just curious, refrain from using the phone number.

Some people get so curious, they convince themselves that all they want to do is just find out what is on the other side.

They are even ready to hang up the moment they hear anything fishy.

Don’t do that.

The moment you dial that number, whoever is on the other side has your phone number.

Many professional scam artists are then able to hijack your phone number and empty your financial accounts, falsely impersonate you through your own email and social media accounts and delete your phone data.

They can also start subjecting that phone number to a barrage of scam messages that are aimed at getting you to divulge personal information. ​

Don’t let curiosity about that phone number lead you into a dangerous path.

You would be surprised at what a brilliant scam artist is capable of doing with a simple phone number.

A phone number on a dating profile, even if, on the rare occasion, it wasn’t put there by a scammer, should always be looked at with caution.

Assuming that the person has no nefarious or parasitic ulterior motives in leaving a phone number on their dating profile, their approach to finding a romantic partner is deeply flawed.

It wreaks of desperation.

A desperate person is a person who has no true standards.

They are whatever you want them to be.

They are chameleons that transform themselves into whatever you want them to be just so that you like and accept them.

You can’t trust a word they say.

You simply don’t know who you are truly dealing with.

They are desperate enough to become whoever you are hoping to find in a partner.

If you are naive to this behavior, you are sucked into the act.

Weeks or months later, their layers come off and you are heartbroken.

After investing the time and emotion on a person that you thought was a compatible match, you have discovered that it was all a ruse.

The real person behind all that layering has come out, as it inevitably always does, and they are no one that you would want to be with as a partner.

Most people with self-respect do not brazenly leave their phone numbers on their dating profiles.

No matter how impatient you have become in your struggle to find a compatible romantic partner, you shouldn’t give in to the temptation of using that phone number.

The pretty or handsome face on that dating profile could be a doorway to a new reality of such deception that you will long to get back to the days when you, as a single person, could pull into your lonely driveway without the fear of a desperate soul watching you from the nearby bushes.