Online Dating: Guy Has Not Messaged Me After We Set Up A Meet-Up?

Online Dating: Guy Has Not Messaged Me After We Set Up A Meet-Up?

It’s suspicious that he would suddenly stop messaging after setting up a meet-up with you.

If the both of you were messaging each other on a regular basis before setting up the meet-up, his silence is that much more unscrupulous.

Besides the guys who are on dating sites to chat and nothing more, the majority of guys who use dating sites fall into two main categories.

Those that are looking for serious dates and those that are looking for casual dates.

Those that are looking for serious dates don’t stop messaging after they set up a meet-up.

If the meet-up is not for another several days or week, they will still want to keep in touch to keep the momentum going.

Normally, these are guys who are seriously talking to as little as one woman at a time, or no more than three women at a time.

The guys looking for casual dates spend a lot of time conducting conversations with multiple women at a time.

They are looking to find as many dates as they can.

Once they get a girl to agree to a date, they stop messaging the girl.

Their job is done.

They will continue searching for more dates in the ensuing days.

Don’t be too surprised to hear from the guy all of a sudden, at the eve or the day of the meet-up, attempting to confirm it.

If you ask them about why you didn’t hear from them all this time, they come up with an excuse.

A family emergency or a work or health-related excuse is their automatic fallback.

These are guys who are just on the dating site to go out with as many girls as they can.

Once they get the girl to agree to a meet-up, they turn their attention to other dating prospects and put the girl on the back burner until they arrive at the eve or day of the meet-up, at which point they may or may not reestablish contact to confirm the date.

Guys like this aren’t reliable.

They are busy trying to get as many girls to agree to meet-ups as they can.

Once they set up a good number of meet-ups, they have the luxury of selecting the girls that they are most interested in meeting up with.

If some of these meet-ups are set for the same day and time that contradicts with that of another girl of less desirability, they ditch the less desirable girl.

Some girls just don’t make the cut.

In your case, you haven’t heard from him since the meet-up was set up.

He has been working on setting up meet-ups with other girls during this time.

If he sets up a meet-up with a girl on the same day and time that his meet-up with you is scheduled and he likes that girl more, he won’t fulfill his meet-up with you.

Yes, that means that you are going to have a date cancelled on you or you are going to get stood up.

Count yourself lucky if the guy is gracious enough to call or text you to cancel the date.

Many of these guys don’t even bother with that.

Depending on whether he can land a better dating prospect or not, he keeps the meet-up that he has set up with you scheduled.

Either way, you are just a number.

If no other girl gets in the way, there is a chance that you will receive a message from him on the eve or day of the meet-up to confirm the date.

If a better dating option agrees to meet with him at the same date and time, he will pick her instead.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t reestablish contact at some point in the future, if his trough of dating prospects dries up.

Do you want to meet up with a guy who only sees you as a number?

Even if you are only looking for a casual relationship, you simply can’t rely on him.

There is too much uncertainty and your self-esteem will take a hit in the process.