Saw A Girl I Know On A Dating Site?

Saw A Girl I Know On A Dating Site?

She is looking for a relationship or a hookup.

If you are interested in this girl that you know and she is within your social circle, approach her in life rather than on a dating site.

In essence, you don’t have to send her a message that is only relegated to the dating site.

Again, if she is a girl that is within your social circle, in which case you get to see her on a semi to regular basis, it is best to approach her in real life if you are interested in her.

This is more effective because you will be able to create more of a real life impression on her.

She would be able to see you physically and that is often a lot more powerful than the effect you would have on her in the cyberspace world of a dating site.

Also, being that you are within her social circle, you would automatically generate a degree of trust from her.

There is a sense of safety and familiarity that comes with communicating with someone else who is within the same social circle.

Even if the both of you have rarely spoken to each other within this social circle, the fact that you are both in the same social circle will still help tremendously in creating instant trust and a sense of safety.

Safety is often one of the most important elements that a girl looks for when she is wants to find a romantic mate.

By being in each other’s social circle, you would have already earned that immediate sense of safety and trust without having to put in weeks of effort in trying to build it.

By approaching this girl that you saw on a dating site in real life, you would also put yourself in a better position to gauge her level of interest in you.

Being that this conversation will be face to face, it will be easier for you to tell whether she is truly feeling you.

You would be able to use her body language and her tone of voice as your guide.

You would be able to determine how your conversation is going with her through how her body responds.

This often helps you in figuring out whether you should change a topic in order to maintain her interest or whether you should start using your own body to help create a better connection with her.

By being in her physical presence, you would be able to use your body to lean into her at times or even touch her gently from time to time as the both of you converse.

You would be able to use eye contact to also further create a connection between the both of you.

This is a massive advantage that comes with actually approaching this girl that you know and saw on a dating site in real life instead.

If you decide to message this girl that you know on the actual dating site, you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage in terms of the level of confidence that you would be showing her.

After having received your message, she may recognize you.

She may ask herself why you chose to send her a message on a dating site instead of simply approaching her in real life, being that both of you are in the same social circle.

She may feel as though you are hiding behind a dating profile.

This may actually turn her off.

It may make her feel as though she isn’t particularly special.

After all, it is easy to send a message to just about any girl on a dating site.

All you really have to do is type a few words on your keypad and send.

Hence, you would basically be treating her like every other girl on the dating site.

This doesn’t leave her with a good impression of you.

As a result, she may hesitate to respond to that message.

She may even choose not to respond to it at all.

Whether she does or not, you would have started your courtship of her in a weak way.

This tends to work to your disadvantage.