Should A Man Only Pursue Women On Dating Websites If The Woman Messaged Him First?

Should A Man Only Pursue Women On Dating Websites If The Woman Messaged Him First?

You should not restrict yourself to only pursuing women who message you first on dating websites.

Though you may feel as though messaging a woman first on dating websites will throw you in the ring with a lot of other guys who are sending messages to the same woman, you should still initiate contact with women on dating websites.

Do understand that even though women get a lot more messages on dating websites than men do, the majority of those messages are frivolous and facetious in nature.

Women tend to receive messages like, “Hi,” or “Hey Beautiful,” on dating websites, among others.

Women are not going to reply to these kind of messages for the most part because they are very generic and do nothing to entice her.

You can separate yourself from a lot of the guys who send these awful first messages to women by sending women very effective messages.

Some of the most effective types of messages to send are ones that ask an open-ended question about something that the woman wrote about with a lot of passion in her dating profile or ones that are formulated as an icebreaker.

These are the kind of messages that tend to get responses from women on dating websites.

You should really not relegate yourself to only pursue women on dating websites if they message you first.

This would mean that you are putting the fate of your romantic goals in the hands of pure chance.

The truth is, the majority of women on dating websites aren’t going to message you first.

They want to be the ones who are pursued.

The majority of women have this kind of mindset when it comes to dating in the real world and that doesn’t change when they join dating websites.

Sure, a few of them become more courageous in reaching out to men first on dating websites but the majority of women still want men to reach out to them first.

This is why you should really not allow yourself to believe that you can just sit back on dating websites and expect women to message you first.

If, as a man, you were to only pursue women on dating websites who message you first, you may find yourself getting increasingly frustrated as you continually receive messages from women that you aren’t attracted to.

If you were to get messages from women on dating websites at all, they will most likely be from women who may not be that attractive or even physically fit.

If you have no issue with that, then you just may ultimately land a mate.

However, if you want to meet women who are attractive and in good physical shape, you are going to have to be more proactive in pursuing those women.

Women who are attractive and in good physical shape tend to be the most sought after on dating websites.

The majority of them do not initiate messages to guys, even if they come across the dating profile of a guy that they find to be really attractive.

They are on the receiving end of a lot of messages from guys and will typically choose who they want to date from that pool of men.

Women who are less attractive and physically fit are typically the ones who have the most willingness and courage to initiate messages to guys on dating websites.

Again, if you have no problem with this, then you just may get a message from one of these women in the near future. However, if you want a woman who is at least semi-attractive and in good physical shape on dating websites, you will have to pursue.