On Dating Websites, If You Get A Message, Should You Reply If You Aren’t Interested?

On Dating Websites, If You Get A Message, Should You Reply If You Aren't Interested?

You don’t have to reply if you aren’t interested.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that they should reply to any message that they receive, even when they are not interested in the person.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to fall into this way of thinking.

You are not responsible for the feelings of the person who sent the message.

You shouldn’t feel obligated to respond in order to be courteous to the person.

The danger of getting yourself into the mindset that you should reply to the messages of people that you aren’t interested in on dating websites is that, it can actually become a chore after a while.

If you are getting quite a few of these messages everyday, it will get to the point where it feels like a job just to reply to all them.

That feeling will make you dread checking your message inbox.

As a result, the messages in your inbox could balloon to the point where you have exceeded your limit.

Once your inbox is too full to receive any more messages from people on dating websites, you may actually miss out on getting a message from someone that you are truly interested in.

Hence, try not to get into the practice of replying to everyone that you get a message from on dating websites.

Even if you were to reply to these messages, you are bound to come across people who won’t take no for an answer.

You may suddenly find yourself messaging back and forth with someone who is being really rude to you because they were unhappy with your lack of interest in them.

They may tell you that you are making a mistake by not liking them.

They may insult your looks and tell you that you aren’t that special.

They may try even harder to make you reconsider your decision.

You may find yourself at the receiving end of constant insults from the people who are unhappy with your decision.

This is their way of getting back at you for not liking them.

You are now exerting all this energy on these people who simply won’t take no for an answer and thereby making your online dating experience very unsavory.

You may get to the point where you don’t even want to check your messages anymore because you are dreading the possibility of hearing back from some of these people.

This may then lead to you missing out on messages from people who you would actually be interested in.

If you get a message on dating websites from people that you aren’t interested in, it may be best that you don’t reply to them because by so doing you will also send the message to the matchmaking algorithm that you are not into those kind of people.

If you were to reply to people who message you on dating websites that you aren’t interested in, you may give the false impression to the matchmaking algorithm that you actually like that person.

The matchmaking algorithm can’t really tell that you sent a message to the person letting them know that you weren’t interested in them, all it can understand is that you replied to the message.

Hence, the matchmaking algorithm will get the impression that you must have liked that particular person because you sent them a message in response.

As a result, the matchmaking algorithm may actually start sending you more and more matches of people who are just like the person.

This means that you will keep getting more and more matches of people that you actually aren’t interested in.

This will only make your online dating experience that much more tedious and frustrating.

You should avoid falling into the trap of believing that you should reply to everyone that messages you on dating websites.

If you aren’t interested in them, it may be best to avoid replying to them.

Replying to them could easily lead to all of the unpleasant scenarios that have just been described.