Should I Be Using The Passport Feature On Dating Apps?

Should I Be Using The Passport Feature On Dating Apps?

The passport feature on dating apps has its advantages.

The option to like, match and chat with anyone at any location is quite a feature.

You are no longer restricted to your physical location.

This feature is especially helpful when you live in a smaller town or city.

A small town or city doesn’t have anywhere near as many matching options as a major city hours away from where you live or anywhere in the world.

If you have been struggling with receiving matches and live in a small or mid-size town or city, or worse, a rural area, using the passport feature on dating apps is very beneficial.

Of course, on dating apps, this feature is available at a price.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

The passport feature isn’t only beneficial in expanding an area of potential matches, it provides anonymity.

Let’s say you are someone who wants to be discreet while online dating.

You don’t want your friends, family, coworkers or your nosy neighbor to know what you are up to online.

The passport feature on dating apps changes your location so that your dating profile isn’t visible to anyone in your town or city.

It is visible to those in the city that you have selected to seek out matches.

This maintains your privacy and anonymity where you live.

This works when you aren’t too keen on the idea of people knowing your personal business online, especially in romance.

To have those nosy coworkers gossiping in the corner office as you work, knowing full well they are talking about seeing your dating profile on a dating app over the weekend, makes it difficult to get office work done.

Or, having that nosy neighbor stare at you with that critical facial expression whenever you pull up in your driveway as you arrive home from work, makes you wish your home had another entrance.

The passport feature on dating apps keeps your business relegated to you and no one else in your town or city.

These various advantages sound great, but you need to be certain that you are prepared for the possibility of hitting it off with someone who lives hours away from you or an ocean away.

Some people think they have what it takes to handle a relationship like this, until they are in one and realize how challenging it gets.

Without a doubt, it feels amazing to connect with someone in another city or country, fly out there for a weekend of fun and travel back home.

The challenge occurs when it develops into a full-blown relationship.

The distance between you is an exponential factor after a while, making it harder to maintain a healthy relationship.

This is important to consider beforehand.

The passport feature opens a whole new world of online dating at your fingertips.

This blinds people into overlooking the prospect of getting into a long distance relationship with someone and the challenges that come with it.

It’s better to walk into this with your eyes wide open and preferably, with a plan.