Online Dating: How Long To Wait Before Asking For A Date?

Online Dating: How Long To Wait Before Asking For A Date?

Do what feels natural.

There is no hard and fast rule in online dating that decrees you must wait for a predetermined period of time before asking a woman out on a date.

When you are so concerned with putting a time frame on when to ask her out on a date, you could ruin everything.

The dynamics you are having with this person is relevant.

Some people meet on a dating app and hit it off right away.

Asking this person out for a date within a handful of conversations in this scenario makes sense.

When you get so caught up in how long you have to wait before asking her out on a date, you run the risk of waiting too long.

By the time you get around to it, her interest has fizzled out and she has moved on to someone else who asked her out sooner.

This is a bad place to be in.

Imagine spending weeks talking to a woman you are feeling a strong connection with and losing out on her because you took too long to ask her out on a date.

Don’t overthink this.

If the dynamics between you has been good, ask her out as soon as possible.

Don’t worry about the possibility of turning her off.

Normally, a woman already knows when she is really connecting with a guy.

She doesn’t need to talk to him for weeks on end to figure out whether there is preliminary chemistry.

It’s the same thing in real life.

When a woman meets a guy at a bar or nightclub and engages with him, she knows full well whether she is connecting with that guy not too long after the conversation has started.

When online dating, as a rule of thumb, it is better to ask out sooner, than later.

Unlike real life where a woman receives a moderate amount of attention from men, dating apps multiply that attention exponentially.

When you don’t take the initiative in asking her out sooner, she has a bevy of men who are already doing it.

You run the risk of losing out on her to these men.

This is why you shouldn’t overthink the prospect of asking her out on a date.

Remember, she is on a dating app to find a date.

This means she is looking to go out.

Don’t fret over this.

In a scenario where you ask her out and she believes it is too soon, she will tell you that she wants to spend some more time getting to know you first.

That’s it.

That being said, many women on dating apps would much rather be asked out on a date sooner rather than later.

Just like you, they aren’t that gung ho to be on a dating app in the first place.

Were it up to her, she would much rather get off of it once and for all, as soon as a good match that warrants making such a move occurs.

You could be that match.

That moment has arrived.

Ask her out on a date.