What Do Guys Want To Know From A Girl’s Dating Profile?

What Do Guys Want To Know From A Girl's Dating Profile?

Guys often want to know about what the girl enjoys doing for fun.

It’s important that you don’t only list what you like doing for fun though.

In order to leave more of an impression on guys who view your dating profile, you should be more descriptive with your hobbies and pastimes.

The more descriptive that you are with them, the more they are able to visualize what it would be like to engage in those hobbies or pastimes with you.

It also helps them validate that what you are saying must be true.

By actually going into more detailed description about a hobby or pastime that you may have, it gives guys the impression that you have actually engaged in that hobby or pastime and thereby, you must be telling the truth.

Being that most guys tend to like physical activity, the more hobbies or pastimes that you have that require some outdoor or physical activity, the more likely you will be able to connect with guys.

Guys often want to know about what the girl’s sense of humor is like or whether she even has any from her dating profile.

Being that most guys like to crack jokes, they want to know if the girl behind the dating profile is the kind that can handle humor.

Hence, they will often look for signs that she is this type of girl.

They may look to see if she tries to crack a joke on her dating profile or tell a funny story.

They may check her dating profile pictures to see if she has any funny pictures that show her perhaps engaged in a silly activity.

Guys want to gauge the girl’s ability to not take herself so seriously.

Knowing how this girl is in this department allows them to ascertain whether this is the kind of girl they would want to message.

Guys also want to know whether a girl is approachable, based on the impression that they get about the girl through her dating profile.

Guys want to know whether the girl in the dating profile is approachable because it allows them to assess the likelihood of getting a response from the girl if they were to message her.

The more approachable they feel the girl is, the higher the likelihood that they will be willing to take the risk of messaging her.

In order to ascertain whether she is approachable, guys will often look at her dating profile pictures to see if she smiles in any of them.

If they notice that she has a good number of dating profile pictures where she is smiling, guys will have a stronger inclination to message the girl because they figure that they will have a higher probability of getting a response from her.

Guys also determine whether the girl is approachable based on the requirements that she has on her dating profile in terms of the kind of mate that she is looking for.

If she is too stringent in what she is looking for in a mate in terms of looks, height, income, occupation, belief system, etc., guys may feel a lot less prone to message the girl.

This applies to guys who may even meet those requirements.

They worry that the girl is simply too stuck on what she wants and she would be no fun to hang out with.

Oftentimes, guys just want a girl that they know they can have fun with and feel at ease with.

If she seems like she is really stuck on what she wants in a guy with no room for flexibility, they may feel as though this is how she is with everything else in her life.

This wouldn’t sound like the kind of girl that they can just be at ease with and have fun with.

They may feel compelled not to message a girl like this.