What Makes People Quit Online Dating?

What Makes People Quit Online Dating?

People come into online dating with lofty expectations.

When those expectations aren’t met on a dating site in a fairly short while, they quit.

On average, it takes six months to a year to find a long-term partner on dating sites.

The people who quit don’t last that long.

The ones who do, never make the right changes to their approach to online dating, which inevitably means that they are going to keep failing until they quit altogether.

When people quit online dating in this fashion, they say that online dating doesn’t work.

They rarely look at themselves and where they went about it all wrong.

Unrealistic expectations in online dating isn’t healthy.

These people make themselves believe that they are going to score a much better partner on a dating app than they have ever scored in real life.

They expect the best and most attractive people to show interest in them.

They forget that they have never attracted people of this quality as partners in the real world.

Yet, once they join a dating site, they think that they are entitled to dating people of this caliber.

It is completely unrealistic.

In choosing to join a dating app, keep your expectations in check.

You aren’t suddenly going to start attracting incredibly successful and attractive people on dating apps, when you never have in real life.

Don’t have unrealistic expectations.

Unrealistic expectations causes people to quit online dating way too early.

On top of this, people don’t put in the right amount of effort into their dating profiles.

They create boring and uninspiring dating profiles which get ignored.

Then they get upset and quit online dating not too long afterward, blaming dating sites in their wake.

When you join a dating site, check to see whether it provides an option to browse through dating profiles.

Conduct a search for dating profiles you are competing with.

Look at the ones that show up as the first results.

These dating profiles embody what the dating site’s algorithm likes.

Construct your dating profile in a similar fashion, so as to avoid creating a boring and uninspiring dating profile.

Obviously, don’t copy these dating profiles verbatim.

Simply construct a dating profile that is similar in structure and tone, but is uniquely yours.

Every dating site is different in terms of what types of dating profiles their algorithm favors.

Some dating sites are picture prone, preferring to promote dating profiles that are filled with pictures.

Others prefer dating profiles that have have lots of questionnaires filled out.

By studying the dating profiles that show up first on your search, you will know what the dating app you are on loves to see on dating profiles.

This is what you use to structure your dating profile so that you conform to what the algorithm likes, while staying true to who you are as a person.

Once you do this, your dating profile is going to get greater exposure which leads to more matches.

With a greater number of matches coming at you on a regular basis, you will be less inclined to quit, knowing full well that it is just a matter of time before you are introduced to the perfect match for you.