Online Dating: Is There A Block Button On Tinder?

Online Dating: Is There A Block Button On Tinder?


To get to it, scroll to the bottom of the dating profile that you want to block, tap on the option to block said member and it’s done.

It’s that quick.

Many people on Tinder have wanted this option for years.

Up until now, to avoid unwanted matches, people had to swipe left.

Problem with this is that people could get presented with the same match option again in the future.

The longer you are on Tinder, the higher the chances that you will get presented with the dating profile of someone that has been presented to you in the past, even if you have swiped left on them in the past.

The ability to block a dating profile outright saves you the trouble of having to see this dating profile presented to you once again in the foreseeable future.

The block button really gives people on Tinder the confidence to know that they have a degree of control over their online dating experience with the app.

This works when you don’t want to be constantly reminded of a match that didn’t go well.

Imagine having to see the person’s dating profile over and over again as the months go by.

You get triggered.

You remember how good it started and how badly it ended.

Maybe the person ghosted you after acting like they liked you.

Or perhaps they ended up being extremely flaky in how they went about setting up dates with you and communicating in-between.

Although unmatching with this person is a permanent way to get rid of them, they could still show up in your feed again if they delete their account and open a new one at some point in the future.

This isn’t unusual.

People delete their dating profiles and return some time later all the time.

Should this happen, you have the ability to block the person, which means that you won’t keep seeing their dating profile show up on your feed.

Imagine thinking that you have moved on from someone, only to have their face show up again and again in your feed months later because they have returned to the dating app and created a new account.

Not good.

Once you are presented with this person’s dating profile, triggering unwanted memories, the block button ensures that you don’t have to see it again.

The block button streamlines matching.

In blocking the dating profiles of people that you know you would never be interested in, you are now receiving matches that best match what you are looking for.

Dating app algorithms are amazing, but they aren’t infallible.

You could have mentioned that you don’t want to date a smoker in your dating profile and yet be presented with dating profile after dating profile of people who smoke.

Some of the same individuals could be shown to you again and again.

The block button gives you the option to make sure that you are are never presented with the same individual dating profile again.

Although this doesn’t eliminate every single one of these types of profiles from being presented to you, it eliminates a lot of them over time.

With less of these dating profiles being presented to you, you don’t have to worry about running out or running low on match options.

Since dating apps send a finite number of profiles to people as potential matches, you don’t run the risk of wasting a lot of these on people you would have never wanted in the first place.

Blocking these dating profiles as they appear in your feed, streamlines the matching process, so that you are mostly presented with people who aren’t smokers.

This saves you from being presented with too many incompatible people until you start running low on potential matches overall.