What’s A Way To Get A Girl’s Attention When Talking On An Online Dating Site For The First Time?

What's A Way To Get A Girl's Attention When Talking On An Online Dating Site For The First Time?

Your dating profile is often something that will get a girl’s attention when talking to her for the first time on an online dating site.

How well it is constructed is often something that a girl will look at.

She wants to determine whether you are someone that she could find herself possibly connecting with on a personal, romantic and emotional level.

Hence, she will often look to see if the both of you have common qualities, experiences, etc.

She will use your dating profile to determine this.

The more detailed your dating profile is, the higher the likelihood that she will find things in common with you.

This is why it is so important that you take the time to construct a detailed dating profile before you decide to start trying to get a girl’s attention on a dating site.

The quality of your dating profile will often determine whether this girl will even give you a chance to talk to her for the first time on the dating site.

You may get lucky here and there in getting the attention of a girl that you message initially who didn’t take the time to check your dating profile or look through it thoroughly.

Perhaps you had a striking dating profile photo that compelled her to respond to your first message.

However, don’t celebrate your success in getting her attention quite yet.

She will get around to checking out your dating profile in full and if she notices that it isn’t up to par or well done, she may choose to no longer communicate with you.

Again, it cannot be emphasized enough just how important a well-constructed dating profile is.

Hence, if you not only want to get this girl’s attention on the dating site but keep it as you attempt to talk to her, make sure that you have a detailed and thoughtful dating profile.

Another way to get a girl’s attention when talking on a dating site for the first time is to show genuine interest in something that she wrote about on her dating profile that may not necessarily be the first thing that sticks out to you.

Sure, you will notice that she mentioned that she enjoys traveling, hiking, photography, the ocean, etc.

However, did you notice that she also mentioned that she enjoys collecting sea shells?

Perhaps you didn’t.

You were so focused on the kinds of activities that you are familiar with.

You have read other dating profiles where the girl mentioned that she enjoyed traveling, hiking, etc.

Your attention naturally focuses on these activities because they are what you are used to finding.

However, you should try not to be so obvious and predictable.

Look for quirky or unusual activities that the girl likes to engage in.

You can bring up these unusual activities when talking to her.

It will grab her attention because she is so used to guys asking her about the more generic activities.

This is how you make yourself stick out to her.

The fact that you were able to pinpoint that unusual activity and open up a conversation with her about it will make her feel as though you are able to look beyond the familiar and investigate.

This could intrigue her.

If she is intrigued, you have her attention.