While Online Dating, Should I Tell The Guy I’m Overweight Before I Meet Him Or Just Go To The Date And Be Confident?

While Online Dating, Should I Tell The Guy I'm Overweight Before I Meet Him Or Just Go To The Date And Be Confident?

Always be honest about your weight.

If indeed you are overweight, you should tell the guy that.

Just understand that being overweight does not automatically mean that a guy on an online dating site won’t find you attractive.

There are lots of guys who tend to be more attracted to overweight women.

You shouldn’t automatically assume that telling guys that you meet on online dating sites that you are overweight is going to result in automatic rejection.

If you tend to worry about this a lot, you can help your course by looking at the kind of woman the guy is looking for through his online dating profile.

Normally, the guy’s online dating profile will have information about the type of body requirements that he may have as far as the kind of women that he is hoping to meet.

Look at this section of his online dating profile.

Some women ignore this section, but you shouldn’t.

If you truly want to put yourself in a better position when it comes to interacting with guys on an online dating site, you should take note of this section.

It is best to know what he is looking for and honor that, as opposed to merely ignoring this and sending him a message anyway.

If you were to ignore this part, you may end up eventually meeting a guy who expected you to be a completely different size.

Regardless of how confident you are at this date when you meet him, he would still have an issue with the fact that you are overweight.

If he only wants to meet women who are slender or athletically built and he were to meet you and you are overweight, he would be gravely disappointed.

Even though you may act confident at the date, he would still look at this as a deceitful way to go about meeting people and he would resent you for that.

Hence, you should not ignore the physical requirements that guys stipulate on their online dating profiles, regardless of how attracted you may be to the guy.

Honesty is absolutely crucial when you are online dating.

All that people on an online dating site have to judge your physicality by, being that they have never met you in life, is in how you represent that physicality on your online dating profile.

If you were to misrepresent your weight on your online dating profile through the information you input or the photos you post, you will end up having a bad first date no matter how confident you are.

Do not be dishonest about how you are built.

Do not post photos of yourself to your online dating profile that are dishonest.

These may be photos of yourself that were taken years ago when you were less heavy.

They may even be photos that are solely of your face without a single photo of what the rest of you looks like.

These are all deceitful ways to go about hiding the fact that you are overweight and these maneuvers will only come back to bite you.

Being honest in online dating is highly essential in order to be successful at it.

Online dating is filled with dating options.

Try not to worry so much about appealing to the majority of the people on an online dating site.

There will always be a good number of people who will be attracted to you and what you have to offer regardless of your weight.

If you find that the online dating site that you are on doesn’t have any members that want to talk to overweight women, you may be on the wrong online dating site for you.

There are online dating sites that specifically cater to people who are overweight.

These niche online dating sites have overweight members and non-overweight members who have no problem dating members who are overweight.

This can easily be another option if the online dating site that you are currently using isn’t working for you.