Why Are Girls On Dating Websites If They Already Have A BF?

Why Are Girls On Dating Websites If They Already Have A BF?

These are girls who aren’t taking their relationships with their boyfriends that seriously.

They may have a very casual attitude when it comes to their relationship.

In essence, they may simply like having a boyfriend in their lives because they get to have the label of “girlfriend.”

However, beyond that label, they may not care about being faithful to that boyfriend or being truly emotionally invested in the relationship.

These girls who already have a boyfriend may go on dating websites because they know that they can get away with it.

They may be serial cheaters who can’t help but get on dating websites in order to engage with guys.

Being that they have gotten away with this kind of behavior in the past with their boyfriends, they keep doing it.

Hence, they may not be in a very committed relationship with their boyfriends.

In certain scenarios, they may even have boyfriends who are also on dating websites.

These boyfriends may be aware that their girlfriend is on dating websites and may feel that they have nothing to lose by getting on them as well.

Some may even do so in order to get back at their girlfriend for being on dating websites.

Hence, you may have two parties who are both in a relationship with each other and are both on dating websites simultaneously.

Relationships like this are quite toxic in nature.

There is a tendency for people in these kind of relationships to break up and make up constantly.

There may be constant fights and arguments.

Both parties may separate for a while as a result of the fighting but then they ultimately get back together again.

However, they are still unwilling to stop being on dating websites.

They don’t want the other person in the relationship to leave them high and dry without a partner.

Hence, they are constantly on dating websites as an insurance policy against that.

They both keep up this kind of behavior to the point where it just becomes the norm.

The boyfriend sees that his girlfriend is on dating websites and he doesn’t bat an eyelash.

He has become accustomed to it.

Perhaps he surmises that she will always keep coming back to him anyway, so he doesn’t have to worry about who she may meet on these dating websites.

Girls who are on dating websites when they already have a boyfriend can also be the kind of girls who are simply looking to just chat with guys online, at least initially.

They may go on dating websites because they need an outlet.

They may find it hard to talk to their boyfriends openly.

Hence, they go on dating websites to have those type of conversations.

They may tell themselves that they have no intention of cheating.

They just want to talk to people.

They may truly believe that they are unable to talk to their boyfriends.

They are unable to get their boyfriends to be open and expressive with their feelings.

They may have tried in the past but these attempts only led to fights and arguments.

As a result, these girls choose to get on dating websites because they are hoping to chat with guys who are able to be more expressive with their feelings and be better conversationalists.

Again, these girls tell themselves that they have no intentions on cheating on their boyfriend.

They just need an outlet.

They are just hoping to find a guy on dating websites who can talk to them like they would love their boyfriends to do.

Though this may be their initial intent, it isn’t always how it stays.

Sometimes, these girls may become emotionally attached to guys that they talk to on dating websites.

This emotional attachment may lead them to engage in physical affairs with some of these guys over time.