A Potential Date That I Met On An Internet Dating Site Is Obsessed With Germs?

A Potential Date That I Met On An Internet Dating Site Is Obsessed With Germs?

A potential date who is obsessed with germs will most likely watch you very closely if you were to go out on a date with him.

This potential date may have developed this obsession with germs at a much younger age.

Perhaps he had a parent who would constantly scold him for not washing his hands before every meal or for not cleaning his toys with disinfectant every so many days or weeks.

He may have been constantly reminded about the importance of being germ-free by this parent to the point where he just became obsessed with germs as he grew up.

When he first started dating, he may have closely watched how the girl handled germs.

He would have paid close attention to her personal hygiene and her general manners.

Perhaps when he first took her out to a restaurant, he waited to see whether she would check for smears both on her drinking glasses and silverware.

These are all areas that he would have probably observed really closely.

After all, he was raised to always be cognizant of germs.

He would want whoever he dates to be the same.

He may not believe that being this obsessed with germs is a bad habit or unusual.

If anything, he wishes that more people would be like him.

If you have gotten the notion that a potential date that you met on an internet dating site is obsessed with germs, he must have told you something that really got your attention.

Perhaps he told you a story about an ex of his who wasn’t any good when it came to handling germs.

He may have even given you a specific example about something unsanitary that this ex would do that would often turn him off.

This story may have really caught your attention and perhaps made you a little bit trepidatious about the prospect of meeting this guy on an actual date.

If you are feeling this right now, there is a good chance that it will only get worse when you actually get to meet this potential date.

If he has told you a story about how unhygienic an ex was in certain areas, there is a good chance that he is going to closely observe what you do on this first date.

Knowing this, you may actually come to this date a little bit nervous.

You would worry about just how far this obsession with germs is going to go.

You may feel so uneasy when you are around him, constantly worried about whether you have just done anything unsanitary.

Perhaps you just realized that you opened the front door of the restaurant that you have just met him at for the date.

You used a handle that was undoubtedly touched by dozens of people that same day.

Now you start freaking out about it.

You would wonder whether he noticed and if he did, what he thought.

This trepidation alone could really put you on edge.

You would not be able to just relax and be yourself at the date.

You may even get to the point where you are literally watching everything that you touch.

A potential date that you met on an internet dating site who is this obsessed with germs could really make your life difficult.

Though you may also care about germs and in being sanitary, you may be nowhere near the level of obsession that this guy possesses when it comes to germs.

This is why you really need to think carefully before deciding to meet up on a potential date with this person.

Regardless of how good he may have appeared on paper in terms of what you read on his internet dating profile, it is typically the little things that aren’t mentioned that are often what leads to a lack of chemistry.

Even if he may have a lot going for him in other departments, his obsession with germs alone could be enough to make you miserable whenever you are around him.

If you choose to go on this date and observe that he was watching your every move like a hawk just to see how germ-free you were, this may not be the right guy for you.