What Do You Do When You Have Messed Up Badly With A Guy That You Met On A Dating Site?

What Do You Do When You Have Messed Up Badly With A Guy That You Met On A Dating Site?

You shouldn’t panic.

If you panic, you will start doing desperate things and will mess up even more with this guy.

You may start sending him too many messages.

You may keep apologizing to him.

You may keep viewing his dating profile obsessively.

You may create a fake profile and send him a message just to see if he responds to you.

You may start adding more and more provocative pictures to your dating profile in the hopes that he will view it and become interested in you again.

You may start trying to seek him out on social media just so that you can see what he is up to and perhaps send him a friend request.

These are all behaviors that you absolutely must not do when you have messed up badly with a guy that you met on a dating site.

It can be very easy to become obsessive in how you behave after having messed up badly with a guy because you just want to fix things so bad.

You would want to change the unfavorable perspective that you think he now has of you.

You would just want to get things back to the way they were when the both of you were on better terms.

These are the kind of desires and emotions that you will experience as you try to figure out what you should do about having messed up badly with this guy that you met on a dating site.

You should just take a moment to calm your thoughts.

When a person is in panic mode, they are unable to be rational.

They just want to fix things so badly that they don’t really think things through.

As a result, they could act relatively quickly with the objective of making things better and only end up exacerbating the situation as a result.

When you have messed up badly with a guy that you met on a dating site, you shouldn’t do anything to try to rectify it.

If you try to do something to rectify it, you would only make him realize that much more how badly you messed up.

This would only turn him off that much more.

Instead of desperately trying to make the situation better, you should take a step back and allow him to cool off.

Guys will often cool off when they have been given some space.

You need to give this guy some space.

You may worry that if you were not to try to reach out to him or rectify this situation in some way, you would lose him entirely.

This is actually not always the case.

Oftentimes, when you give a guy space without trying to contact him or do anything that overtly shows him that you are desperately trying to fix things, he is able to get passed the incident.

When he is given a chance to cool off, he will start remembering parts of his correspondence with you that were pleasant.

In other words, his thoughts will go back to how good the correspondence was between the both of you before the unfortunate incident occurred.

This often happens because a guy doesn’t typically want to dwell in negativity for too long.

If he were to keep thinking about how you messed up badly, this would only keep him in a mood that he doesn’t want to be in for a protracted amount of time.

This is why guys tend to be very proactive when it comes to finding hobbies.

For example, a guy is not going to want to keep dwelling on how lousy his day at work was for too long.

After being in this mindset for a relatively short period of time, the guy naturally starts redirecting his thoughts to the photos that he is going to be taking with his new digital camera over the weekend at a local nature reserve.

Photography so happens to be one of his hobbies.

This thought makes him feel good and he is able to move on from having such a lousy day.

This is how guys often think and process negativity.

Now, there is no guarantee that this guy is going to resume his correspondence with you even after you have given him space and he has cooled off.

However, you stand a much better chance that he will reestablish contact with you in the foreseeable future if you do give him space while also avoiding doing anything desperate to fix the problem, than if you didn’t.