I Don’t Feel A Spark With A Guy That I Met Through A Dating Website, Should I Stop Dating Him?

I Don't Feel A Spark With A Guy That I Met Through A Dating Website, Should I Stop Dating Him?

In a scenario where you have already been on a few dates with this guy and you are yet to feel a spark, you should stop dating him.

Perhaps you gave it that many dates because you really wanted a spark to happen.

Perhaps you really enjoyed reading his dating profile.

You may have felt really connected to him when you first read it.

When you started talking to him on the dating website, you may have felt a spark or something close to it at that time.

The conversations may have been really easy and fun.

As a result, the both of you may have decided to meet on a date in real life.

That first date may have taken you by surprise.

You may not have understood why you didn’t feel the kind of spark that you were hoping for.

However, you may have been willing to go on another date because you were hoping that you would feel the spark then.

Unfortunately, that spark may never have arisen in consequent dates.

As a result, you are now wondering whether you should stop dating him.

It would be best to stop dating him.

Oftentimes, people may feel a spark with someone that they meet on a dating website but that spark doesn’t always transfer when they meet that person in real life.

It happens all the time.

It can be really difficult to accept at first because you felt so good about this person when you interacted with them on the dating website.

However, you should never allow yourself to fall into the trap of continuously going on dates with someone that you are having no spark with in real life just because you keep hoping to experience the feeling that you had on the dating website.

This could end up resulting in a lot of wasted time and energy for the both of you.

When you don’t feel a spark with a guy that you met through a dating website after having met that guy in real life, it is often because there is no real life chemistry.

Real life chemistry is not just about how well the both of you converse.

It is also about your body chemistry.

There is a certain type of body chemistry that you will have with someone in real life that indicates whether you are experiencing a spark with that person or not.

It isn’t something that you can just create.

It just happens naturally.

Your body will respond in a certain way to the person.

It may be a sensation of incredible ease and comfort that you feel around the person.

It may be a tingle that you experience here and there all through your body as you interact with the person on the date.

It may be how fluidly your body moves in response to how the other person’s body moves.

It almost feels as though your bodies are merely extensions of each other.

There is just this sense of synergy that occurs between your bodies that is simply natural and unforced.

This is body chemistry.

Body chemistry plays a major part in determining whether you have a spark with someone.

Unfortunately, body chemistry is not something you can truly determine through communicating with a guy on a dating website.

It is unlikely that this guy that you met through a dating website and have since been dating possesses this kind of real life body chemistry with you.

Without this, it is unlikely that you will get a spark for this guy.

It would be best to stop dating him.

This way, you don’t continue wasting your time and his.