Are Speed Dating Or Online Dating For Losers, Or The Desperate?

Are Speed Dating Or Online Dating For Losers, Or The Desperate?

Neither one are for losers or the desperate.

Oftentimes, people who go speed dating or do online dating aren’t doing it because they can’t find a date in real life.

Many people who do speed dating or online dating do it because they want to expose themselves to as many potential matches as possible.

This is actually not a losers mentality nor that of one who is desperate, but that of a realist.

This gives them the best opportunity to find their perfect match.

It’s not desperate to have this desire.

If anything, it is actually very smart.

Again, it is not a losers mentality to want to give yourself the best chance at finding your perfect match while expending the sufficient amount of energy to do so.

It saves you time and energy doing it this way.

It puts you in control of your own fate.

Putting yourself in control of your own fate isn’t desperate.

When you are only dating people through the traditional channels of the real world, your choices are always going to be limited.

You are only one person.

You are limited in how many people you can possibly meet because of that.

Thereby, in real world dating, you are forced to date people that come from a limited dating pool.

You literally have to really hope that you get lucky finding the right match, because if you don’t, you would have put out all this effort in one person for nothing.

There are people who date in the real world who eventually get sick and tired of this.

Again, they aren’t desperate. They already had choices of people to date in the real world.

However, they don’t want to simply settle because they are having no luck finding their perfect match within the limited dating pool that real world dating is.

Hence, they continue to be frustrated as they meet dates from this limited dating pool who continue to show them that they are simply not their match.

This is when speed dating and online dating really starts making sense.

When these people have come to the point of realizing that they would actually save a lot more time and energy going into speed dating or online dating than they would have expended continuously dating in the real world, they have made a wise decision.

This is because the world of speed dating and online dating is absolutely flourishing today.

This means that a lot of people are using it.

These are people of all backgrounds.

These aren’t losers or desperate people.

They are people who have made a rational decision who are now being rewarded for the decision that they have made.

Most people who have truly tried speed dating and online dating wholeheartedly typically give good accounts about it.

Again, these are two methods in meeting people that are convenient and expansive.

These methods give people the opportunity to meet their perfect match through exposing them to an enormous number of potential matches.

Dating is a numbers game.

This is how the world of dating works.

By doing speed dating or online dating, these people are able to tip the scales in their favor due to the sheer numbers.